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From my Twitter Day 2 : 14 days #mylifeinpictures #cumbercollective Colored photos, No humans, no explanations, don’t have to tag .. unless u want to…EVERYONE is invited to play ♥️.

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I’d post more often the way I used to, but sometimes I just don’t feel like I can openly express myself anymore. I never had a problem before. Not sure why.

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A Little Light Viewing

Though not as good as the first, “Incredibles 2” was a fun watch. Let’s face it, sequels rarely live up to the original but can still be somewhat enjoyable. Pixar’s animation is as good as one would expect. The action … Continue reading

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Think I’m Addicted

For about the past 8 years or so, I have been having an increasing amount of breakouts on my face. I used to rarely ever get zits and blemishes. In my teens and twenties I had the face of a … Continue reading

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Something Wrong in His Thinking

My brother in law is a real piece of work. He gripes about how immigrants (even the legal ones) are supposedly ruining this country and that every single one of them should be deported or locked away. How easily he … Continue reading

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Know Your Audience

When you think comic con you normally think books, toys, art, and collectibles centered around the themes of science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes. You also think of comic books, cosplay, celebrity autograph sessions, and guest speakers. You never go into … Continue reading

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