Something Wrong in His Thinking

My brother in law is a real piece of work. He gripes about how immigrants (even the legal ones) are supposedly ruining this country and that every single one of them should be deported or locked away. How easily he forgets that his very own grandparents were immigrants. How easily he forgets too that everyone on this continent that is not pure Native American is descended from immigrants. Yes, brother in law is an idiot.

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2 Responses to Something Wrong in His Thinking

  1. K. A. Bryce says:

    Even the ‘Native Americans’ migrated to the North American continent and pushed whom ever was there off. In fact every native tribe was pushed off their land by the Sioux (Dakota) Indians by the time the ‘white’ man came on the scene. So, it’s always been a systematic immigration that’s taken place. Your brother-in-law does sound like a real boob–well, you can’t pick your family. Smiles>KB

    • DarkPhoenix says:

      That is true of the Native Americans. I think humans have always been a nomadic species, we’ve always moved around. As for the brother in law, yes he is a major boob. I can only deal with him in very small doses.

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