Think I’m Addicted

For about the past 8 years or so, I have been having an increasing amount of breakouts on my face. I used to rarely ever get zits and blemishes. In my teens and twenties I had the face of a porcelain doll with only the rare one or two pimples that would crop up when it was “that time of month” and I could quickly eradicate them. Unfortunately those days are gone. I’m not pizza-faced teenager bad, but enough to where it is annoying and on parts of my face that I would never get them before and nothing I put on my face works. Did some online research to see what could be the cause and trying the process of elimination thing.

One thing that was suggested as a possible cause was dairy. I have never had problems with dairy in the past. I have always loved dairy, made sure to drink at least one glass of milk a day with no exceptions. Probably the one healthy thing I stuck with since I was a kid. so for the last couple months I have been resisting the moo juice and looked into milk alternatives to test this theory. Soy free almond milk seemed like the obvious choice for me. I try to stay away from soy based stuff. I first tried the sugar free version and nope! May be good for smoothies or cereal where something you’re adding it to has sweetness already but it is definitely not something to drink straight up. I tried the regular stuff and I was hooked. Have to be careful though as a carton costs more than a gallon of regular cow’s milk. Then someone suggested I try vanilla almond milk. HEAVEN! Unfortunately, my face is still getting breakouts after a few months of this experiment so don’t think it’s the milk. But now I think I am addicted to this almond milk. I’ll probably still go back to cow’s milk eventually but think I may still keep the vanilla almond milk in my diet. Tastes too good to quit, and it’s healthy to boot.

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