Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Too

It took a while, but Wonder Woman has finally made it to the big screen. Despite being around comic book land for nearly as long as Superman and Batman, who have had countless tv and movie adaptations since their beginnings, America’s favorite Amazon princess has never quite made it past a live action television show from the 1970s and a couple of cartoon incarnations. Yes I know, another superhero movie in a long line of superhero movies that seem to be everywhere these days, but I like a well made superhero movie and this one fits the bill.

As with most origin stories, it starts off a bit slow but then really begins to build until finally exploding in a grand finale of action. I believe that director Patty Jenkins has proven that women can do superheroes just as good as any man. Definitely worth a watch if you like comic book based movies. I give this one an 8 out of 10. Solid action sequences, good directing, good set and costume design, could use a little bit more character development but origin stories are tricky as you don’t want to bog them down too much, and they do throw in a few pieces that allude to the bigger DC universe that is forming as they compete with the successful Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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What’s the Point of it All?

Really, what is the point? I feel I am in a prison I cannot get out and I wonder, what is the point of anything or anyone? I don’t see it. Why bother living when there is no purpose. Years ago, I once thought I had a purpose, but that feeling was stripped away from me bit by bit. No purpose to life, love, work, or what people perceive as happiness. And don’t give me that shit about you get what you put into it because I was always giving 100% yet still got barely anything to show for it so that line of thinking is delusional crap people spread around to make themselves feel justified. The very thing that saved my life when I was young has destroyed me leaving an animated husk, forever empty. And I swear if anyone ever told the truth, the universe would implode upon itself. I once thought I was something and now I am nothing, like everyone and everything else.

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I know I haven’t been posting my random shot pictures much lately, but will be again soon I hope. Just been down a lot, uninspired, and frankly seeing the same old thing every single damn day which bores the crap out of me. And really, if the photographer is bored, then the viewer is bored. Eventually something will crop up. Need inspiration but unfortunately none is to be found around me anywhere. Hell blogging in general is a bit slow right now. I need to get whisked away somewhere, need to feed the fire that has been snuffed to a mere ember for so long.

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Never Thought I’d See the Day

Me and my insatiable curiosity! Never thought I would catch myself reading what I have been reading lately and actually enjoying it after seeing the movie version and thinking that that was a steamy pile of crap and an embarrassment to filmmaking.

A few months ago my sister gave me her Nook, which holds a good amount of books on it that I am not to delete. My sister likes a lot of romance novels so of course has them on the Nook. Among her library is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. After seeing the movie, I really didn’t have much interest in the books thinking that they would be just as bad. Well one night while chatting with a coworker about random stuff, we got onto the subject of books and somehow started talking about this little series of books. She urged me to give it a try, as it is nothing like the movie and actually has a plot.

Eventually, curiosity got the better of me so I gave Fifty Shades of Grey a chance. What the hell, it’s free right? Not like I paid money for it. While it will never win any literature awards and it looks like it was written by an amateur who happened to get lucky and make money off of it, it is actually not that bad of a story really. I was shocked. The second book even has an element of adventure, darkness, and intrigue which I like. Not everyone’s cup of tea of course. Still a bit unrealistically heavy on the sex, but at least there is a frikkin’ plot and reason to the thing. As in any book to movie adaptation, the book always has so much more.

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Random Thought

Here’s something totally random. I know, isn’t everything about me pretty random? A thought occurred to me recently. This year’s class of graduating high school seniors, barring double promotions or flunking, will be the last batch of children to have been born in the 1900s. Next year will be the kids of the new millennium. On a side note, this makes me feel old as my eldest nephew should be graduating next year.

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Assumptions Are Annoying

Again with the assumptions? I hate when people assume things about me. It may not sound like a big deal, but to me it is. Today a handyman paid a visit to my place to do a repair in the bathroom. The person I live with was the first to greet him and show him the issue we were having. After I got up, he soon went to bed (he works nights). After the man was done with his work, he kept referring to the guy I live with as my husband. HUSBAND??? Dude, I am not married. Just because I am living with someone does not make us connected in any sort of way. Assuming is bad and makes me quite uncomfortable. In fact I posted about people making assumptions just a few weeks ago. Don’t do it, save yourself some embarrassment.

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Need Something to Say

May was a real slow month for blogging. Seems to be a trend for Mays as I look through my archives. Last couple of weeks have been totally uneventful, except perhaps the 21st when I went to see “Spamalot” performed by a theatre troupe in Farmington Hills, MI. And then the other day I actually saw a man not having a problem buying a pack of feminine napkins for the lady in his life, something not many men feel comfortable doing. Anyways, hopefully June turns out to be a more blogworthy month. Time to change my desktop wallpaper. Wish I could change the color of the walls in my house like I do my computer wallpaper. I swear the next house I move in to is NOT going to have one single pale green wall. The color is driving me bananas and since my house is a rental, I cannot just repaint. I am so done with this place, everything is always the same looking and I can’t stand it. lol

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