Something Wrong in His Thinking

My brother in law is a real piece of work. He gripes about how immigrants (even the legal ones) are supposedly ruining this country and that every single one of them should be deported or locked away. How easily he forgets that his very own grandparents were immigrants. How easily he forgets too that everyone on this continent that is not pure Native American is descended from immigrants. Yes, brother in law is an idiot.

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Know Your Audience

When you think comic con you normally think books, toys, art, and collectibles centered around the themes of science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes. You also think of comic books, cosplay, celebrity autograph sessions, and guest speakers. You never go into a comic con thinking about gel candles with sea shells or at home manicures. Yes, this happened this weekend at a local area comic con and it was just so out of place.

I had no money this weekend so was strictly there to assist a friend on shooting some footage for his show and basically hang out when not shooting. At these things, I still have a need to browse the aisles and check out all the cool stuff the various vendors have to offer even when I have no money to spend. My friend’s base of operations was a table on the far side of the venue where he and a couple of other guys do podcasts. Next to their table, I notice a couple selling (I kid you not) home manicure kits. Their product, which is not a bad product actually, is basically nail art appliques without the mess of nail polish. Now it may not have been so out of place if their appliques had some sort of comic book or sci fi theme to them but no, these were designs you could get from any manicurist or in the nail care aisle of your store of choice. Yeah I don’t think they were selling too well at this event from the apparent lack of people visiting their table. I don’t know if the guy selling the gel candles did much better. Again, no event appropriate designs just basic gel candles with some rocks and sea shells in the bottom.

Sometimes you have to wonder what goes on in people’s minds. Know your audience.

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A Sequel as Good as the First

“Deadpool 2” is one of those rare sequels that are actually as good as the original. In this adventure, Marvel Comic’s very own “Merc with a Mouth” finds himself playing hero to a young mutant and forming a team he dubs “X-Force” to battle a soldier from the future. This movie does not take itself seriously, but that is part of its charm. There is a lot of graphic violence and language but if you’ve seen the first one, then you already know this. Ryan Reynolds does justice to the title character and doesn’t hold back on the humor. Definitely worth a watch 8 out of 10

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No, Not Creepy at All

This could just be a simple case of someone being overly friendly, some people have no problems striking up conversations with strangers not realizing how they come off to a person, but this is kind of creepy territory. This new guy that comes in to clean the offices where I work has me a little uneasy. I don’t mind the occasional “Hi, how’s it going?” or “How about this weather we’re having?” type of talk with the people who come in to clean (if you could call it that because lately they don’t) but this guy, who hasn’t been working for more than two weeks decides to take things further by sitting on the other side of my desk while I am working and starts chatting. And it’s not the normal chit chat you get from people you only know for a couple of hours over the course of two weeks, this is internet troll type questions. “What do you like to do for fun?” “Do you like to drink?” “Do you have any kids?” “Do you want to have kids?” Also he keeps calling me “Baby girl”, which really grates on my nerves but I try to stay professional and not lash out. I try to subtly signal to him that I am a bit busy as well as giving vague one word answers, yet he still yammers on for a half hour (yes I timed it). To up the creepy factor, I am usually one of only two people working in the building at that time of night. He has apparently creeped out the other female worker who works Wednesday nights. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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Someone Needs to Learn About Sub-folders!

Okay, I went to see my mom, sister, niece, and nephews this weekend. I should visit more often but the distance and the price of gas these days makes it difficult sometimes. I really do wish I wasn’t always the one doing the visiting though. Doesn’t matter who it is, I always end up having to visit them instead of them coming to see me. Anyways, toward the end of the evening, the niece and 3 of the nephews were with me up in my mom’s room. Mom and sis can’t get around like they used to so sis stays down on the main floor and my mom mostly stays up in her room, so when I go visiting I go back and forth in between playing with some of the kids. The soon to be 18 year old stays in his room too unless he needs the bathroom or food. Surprisingly enough the two middle boys were still hanging with auntie, they usually just greet me with big hugs when I come, maybe chat for a few minutes, and then go on doing whatever tickles their fancy at the moment (usually video games) and the youngest boy and the niece will hang with me almost all night.

So four little monkeys sitting on my mom’s bed with me while my mom sits in her chair by her desk. The kids briefly turn their attention to a video one of the boys calls up on his tablet. My mom starts chatting with me about one of her buddies and wants to show me a picture of him on her tablet. She calls up a picture and then starts to turn the tablet so I could see. As she turns the screen, the picture changes to a penis pic! “OH MY GOD MOM! THE CHILDREN!!!” I exclaim. I quickly looked to the kids, luckily they were preoccupied so don’t think they saw anything. My mom turned the screen back around and I never saw her face so red with embarrassment. After a moment I had to burst out laughing and kept laughing for like five minutes or so. Not something you expect to happen.

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Worth the Hype

I’m not just saying this because I am a lover of the sci fi and comic book movie genre, but “Avengers: Infinity War” is definitely worthy of the hype it is given. Even the casual viewer will love this film without having to actually see every single MCU movie made over the last ten years (although it couldn’t hurt to have seen them of course because they are good). Big bad Thanos has come looking to collect the six Infinity Stones which are powerful enough on their own but together can harness the most ultimate power the universe has ever known and it is up to all heroes introduced so far in the MCU to team up and stop him, but can they do it? There is action, there are twists, a few funny moments to lighten things up, a few WTF moments, some tears may be shed by the viewer, and a gripping cliffhanger because what part one of a two part tale doesn’t leave you at the edge of your seat wanting part two to hurry up and get here? So hard to not give away spoilers, but I won’t.

Obviously as with any book to film adaptation, there are creative liberties taken but this does not interfere with one’s enjoyment. Hell, you probably wouldn’t notice unless a die hard comic book geek pointed out the differences. The story is well told by the team of writers, actors, and directors. Writing and directing for multiple characters who are all important is no easy task especially for film and tv and many times can make or break a show. The actors are all comfortable in their roles and draw us in to their world. The villain has just the right amount of villain to him, which for me is just as important as having awesome heroes to fight them. The visuals are mindblowing. Easy to see why this movie is breaking records already. 9.5 out of 10 a definite must see.

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What a Way to Start the Week

Some days are just not worth getting out of bed for. Over the weekend, had a bit of an ice storm that knocked power out in some areas. Many traffic lights out. All traffic lights are supposed to be treated as stops when they are not working. I’m on my way to work, driving very carefully and keeping my eye out for jackasses on the road. I pass by some of the toughest intersections on my route, some of which are dangerous even when the lights are working. I get to the road I need to make a left turn onto to get to the street my office is on. I stop like I’m supposed to and wait for the cross traffic to stop. Cross traffic stops which means my turn to cross. As I am crossing the intersection, this one guy decides to proceed before I am even clear and slams into me. Luckily nothing major but we both go into the gas station parking lot and look over our cars. My car only had a bit of paint rub and the bit of paint being held on by the rust around my gas tank area fell off. Hey, it’s a 15 year old car and I’m poor. The man who hit me doesn’t even come over to see if I’m okay and when I went over to him, he did not even apologize and barely looked at me. There was hardly any damage to his car either but he called the cops anyways so I stuck around. When the police came, did the customary things one does in these situations as well as tell the officer my side of things. The guy was trying to make it out like I was in the wrong. I hope karma bit him good and gave him a ticket. What an asshole!

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