A Little Restraint Please

I am all for some public displays of affection. A nice hug and kiss between two people can make one feel all warm and fuzzy and reassure us that love still exists somewhere in the world. There is a limit though, no matter how fine your significant other is. Walking around in the middle of the grocery store grabbing your lady’s behind or rubbing it like you’re wanting a genie to pop out for all to see is a bit much I think. Sure her butt may be firm and perky in her cheek baring shorts which drive you wild but please practice a bit of restraint.

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Still a Winner to Me

Denied again!!! Benedict Cumberbatch has been denied yet another BAFTA. Well, he will always be a winner in my eyes. His performance in The Hollow Crown was awesome. The one man I can truly be proud of. His talent and drive are always off the charts and something to be admired. He puts his heart and soul into every role. Yeah, I know I’m fangirling a bit and that is rarely ever seen on this page, but sometimes I have to let that fangirl flag fly you know. Don’t worry, I don’t make it a habit.

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Did I Make You Feel Awkward?

The look on the poor woman’s face, like she had nowhere to go. The lady at the front counter at the place I got my car fixed wished me a happy Mother’s Day this weekend. I tell her that sadly I am not a mother, only an auntie. A bit of an awkward pause. She then asked if I had pets, as fur-babies count. Had to tell her once again that I sadly have no children, not even the furry variety. More awkward pause as if thinking, “What do I say now?” Yeah sometimes it’s just safest to not say anything unless you know the person or their situation. Sorta reminds me of an episode of a game show I used to watch where the host asks a young gentleman if he had gotten anything nice for Christmas and the lad had to tell the host no because he was Jewish. Awkward magnified since that was on national tv. Never assume as it can sometimes be painful or, in extreme cases, start wars.

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The Universe is Playing With Me

Week from Hell. Well worse than normal anyways seeing as how I am already in Hell if such a place actually existed. Yeah I know that there really is a town called Hell in Michigan but that’s totally unrelated to this post. I’m talking about the mythical Hell. The Universe has decided to bestow upon me a case of the klutzes and a generally “I wish I could just stay in bed” batch of days.

Monday wasn’t too bad aside from me not eating anything of substance until about 9pm making me quite grouchy earlier on in the day, but I did get to see “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” at a late afternoon matinee and loved it. Kind of made the grouchiness go away for about two and a half hours. Monday matinees are cool because hardly anyone is at the theater yet until night time. My short review of the movie can be seen in my previous post.

Anyways, things started going goofy on Tuesday. First off, had to deal with crazy drivers on the road going to and from work. If you ever come to Michigan, know that we have some of the lousiest and rudest drivers in the country. After work, I go to the bank for some grocery money as I had hardly any food in the house and I needed something for dinner. I spend a little more time than I wanted to in the store, but no biggie, and then get home with still plenty of time for my after work walkabout before I make my dinner. I come back home, turn on classic Doctor Who, and step into the kitchen to prep and cook. I sprayed a cookie sheet with some cooking spray (not my normal brand) and then put the food on and throw into oven. Yeah, pretty mundane. Not even three minutes later, there is smoke billowing from my stove. HOLY CRAP BALLS BATMAN!!! I quickly turn the stove off, open up the windows, turn fans on, and wait a minute or two before opening the stove to get the pan out. NEVER open the oven right away just in case of fire. So now I had to try and de-smoke the house before I could continue cooking. Timing is thrown off on my chicken and I am missing Doctor Who. I finally get to finish cooking my chicken, ended up being really dry but thankfully the other ingredients of my Greek salad w/ chicken wraps will help negate the dryness of the chicken. So another late dinner night and the smokey smell lingered in the house for much of the night.

Tuesday wasn’t quite as scary but one of those days where nothing goes right whatsoever and you just want to scream “FUCKITALL!” I get to work a little late (not like anyone really notices or cares). I do my normal ritual of starting my work day with a granola bar and tea, PG Tips this week. I go to put some honey into my tea and somehow end up knocking it over all over my desk and some on me. Four letter expletives fly. Luckily there was more on the desk than me but it is quite embarrassing when you have to dab your pants off with water to make sure no stains set in and walk around the office with the front of your pants looking wet. Uncomfortable too. Had to then clean my desk. I nearly knock my little plant over but caught it before it tipped. And then, once I got everything cleaned up I went to make myself another cuppa. I sit back down and then the doorbell sounds, prompting me to get back up to answer it. I sit back down, it sounds again. Repeat this about 4 times. and then afterwards, nothing seemed to be going right for me for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was more of the same without the tea spilling. It started to die down after 5pm though. Then, on my way home, I started hearing some disturbing noises being made by my car. Unsafe noises. One noise I figured was the brakes as those were about due to go anyways. I also heard another, more sinister noise that I just could not ignore. So I get home and start searching the phone book for a good auto repair shop. Another late dinner and now of course got to try to get to bed early to wake up early to take my beloved car to the car doctor. Well getting to bed early was not really an option as I still had to wash a load of towels. I also had to make a call to the Health Insurance Marketplace regarding some confusing mail I got from them, and of course when you call them you need to expect to be on the phone for at least an hour. So yeah, didn’t get to bed until after 2:30am and needed to get up by 7am. Can you say “Zombie Thursday”?

Thursday, take my car in. Was told they would call me within two hours to let me know what needed done and how much. I of course waited by the phone to no avail. I did not want to travel to work as I didn’t want them calling while I was on the road. My #1 rule with mobile phones is no calls or texting while driving. Well, after nearly four hours, I went ahead and drove to work in a borrowed car because Thursdays are a busy day for me as that is when I create the next week’s schedule for the Michigan and Indiana stations I am responsible for. I need to check for new shows, see who I need to add or bump, all that fun stuff. I may no longer be the big fish in the company that I once was, but I still have some power. Well, this stuff takes time and I really cannot dilly-dally when I need to leave earlier than usual so that the person I borrowed the car from can get himself to work on time. I get into work and call the mechanic to check on the status as I had not heard from them when they said they would contact me. They give me the line, “I was just about to call you” and then tell me what needs to be done but will call me back with total estimate and estimated time of completion. There were brake pads and rotors, some bearings (which would explain the rumble and rattle I guess), my drive belt which I had replaced only a couple years ago, and then some motor for the window that went bad on me a few years ago and I never got fixed. When they called me back they gave me the information, and all I can say is thank goodness I earmarked my tax return money for car repairs this year. I pride myself on being responsible with money (I have to be seeing as how I don’t have much). Aside from one or two mistakes I’m kicking myself big time in the butt for, I can gladly say that despite being poor I have yet to be in debt and I hope I never experience that. Have gotten close to pawning stuff off though and many times dining on dry toast.

Finally got my car back on Friday, and aside from some preliminary sounds from the new brakes, all seems well. some of those drivers on US-24 really wanted to put my brakes to the test though. Work was more constant interruptions but luckily Friday has become a light day lately since I no longer have to edit tv guide myself. I was beat though. Got home, had dinner, went on my walkabout, then came back home and crashed on the couch for a bit without accomplishing any of the plans I made for the day. That part seems to happen a lot though, make plans but then I crash or get doing something else.

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Not Your Average Comic Book Movie

Director James Gunn has done it again. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a great movie. If you liked the first movie, you will enjoy this one. And even if you haven’t seen the first movie, you will still enjoy it. The right mix of action, adventure, comic relief, and Baby Groot cuteness. There are a lot of comic book based movies out there lately, but this one doesn’t exactly follow their formulas to the letter which makes the Guardians of the Galaxy movies unique. As this is a brand new movie I will keep spoilers out, but be prepared for some interesting revelations and some old foes to become allies. Oh yeah, can’t leave out the epic visuals and a few cameos sprinkled in. No, it does not follow the comic book lore exactly to the letter, but do any of them? Besides, they keep it close enough so that the little details they change seem minor (you’ll see what I mean when you watch it). Marvel Studios continues their track record of delivering a quality story with production values to match and a great soundtrack. Very rarely am I left disappointed. And yes, stay to the end of the credits as always.

8.5 out of 10. One wild thrill ride you should definitely see, a great escape.

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Just Let Me Drop

If I ever have a moment where I need emergency medical attention and need to be taken to the emergency room, just let me drop dead please, it will be cheaper. A few months ago, somebody I know had a pain so great that he thought he was having a heart attack. The pain was also accompanied by numbness and tingling in his arm and hand shooting right up through to his chest. Right when he got done with work, he drove himself (yeah I know, bad idea if you think you’re having a heart attack) to the emergency room. They did the usual testing and scanning and thankfully it was not a heart attack and just a bad case of tendinitis.

Anyways, he gets the bill from the hospital and it’s well over $650. He starts to freak out because he never heard anything from his insurance company. Of course he only checks his emails like every 3 months so of course he didn’t see anything. He finds the emailed invoice from his insurance company and they did indeed cover the visit and that $650+ bill was the portion he had to pay, but the total cost of the visit was actually near $2,500. YIKES!!! Just for a chest x-ray and whatever lab work needed doing! They really love taking advantage of emergency no-choice situations don’t they? Well there goes his tax return money he was going to use on some much needed car repairs. Glad he didn’t order up an ambulance, those cost even more.

So yeah, in case of emergency, just let me drop. It’s just not worth it.

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Still So Tempted

I was close, almost did it. I was in the store and held a package of hair dye, contemplating purchase. I love my naturally luscious chocolate curls but have often contemplated going for a deep shade of red or purple for the hell of it for ages. I think it would be fun. Only problems though I think I would have is the fact that I do wash my hair every day so would it last all that long, having never touched hair dye would it damage my lovely natural curls, and of course there is price as you would not want to use cheap stuff and it actually ruin your hair. Another factor that has cropped up in recent years would be my sensitive follicles. A few years ago, my doctor briefly changed the dosage on the medication I have been taking since I was 14 and it caused hair loss and sensitivity. My head constantly felt like it was literally on fire and I could barely touch my hair without pain. She of course changed the dosage back but the damage had been done. My hair is thinner, luckily no bald spots though, grows very slowly (haven’t cut my hair in about 5 years and you would never know it), and I can no longer hold my hair back in a ponytail for more than a couple hours. I always took pride in my hair and legs as those were always my best looking attributes. So with all those thoughts in the back of my head, I always hesitate trying a new color, but I get oh so tempted. I think I could rock the purple or red look quite well if the cheap Halloween hair sprays are any indication.

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