Memory Lane

Not exactly sure what made me do it or why. Today I had to alter my route to the doctor’s office slightly due to part of the freeway being closed. This route took me through Madison Heights, an area I have not been to for many years. On my way back from the doctor’s, I took this same route back. For some reason, I decide to turn down a street once familiar and pause in front of a house that did not look all that different from the last time I saw it more than 20 years ago. The feeling was quite weird indeed.

The house once belonged to my dad’s mother. My grandparents lived there from a time before I was born up until about 1992 when they decided to move into a place my uncle had bought up in Clarkston, where my grandmother lives to this day. Needless to say, there are a lot of memories tied in to this place in Madison Heights and all these memories came rushing through like a tidal wave upon seeing this house triggering all sorts of emotions. It was odd how little the place had changed despite going through multiple owners since my grandparents moved away from there. The house was still white with black trim. All of the front bushes were still there, just quite overgrown, as were the three trees near the front edge of the property that were quite small in my youth. And I swear it looked like the faux stained glass window art my grandfather put in was still in one of the small front foyer windows.

I did not linger long of course, not wanting to look like a creeper, but it was long enough of a drive by to be hit with the flood of emotions from memories past. Some good, like Christmas gatherings, my sister and I getting candy bars from grandpa before heading back home from a visit because we were better behaved than our cousins according to him, summertime movie nights and video game competitions, hanging out with the only  two cousins that never did me any harm and actually playing, the cats, and some other cool childhood things. Then there were the bad memories, those of being teased and tormented by my cousins and the adults never doing a damn thing about it, the one night when I was 11 and got chased around by my 18 year old cousin wielding a large knife trying to kill me on one of the weekends I stayed over (she was crazy), my first time smoking (don’t do that anymore of course), the night my sister got drunk out of her mind and one of my other cousin’s friends tried feeling her up and I smacked him away with a broom, the mischief I witnessed and sometimes partook in when staying overnight as my grandparents worked nights so no supervision, and so much more. A lot of stuff went down at that place in Madison Heights, good and bad and strange and traumatic, that could probably fill a book if I had the patience. It’s a wonder I got out alive. I will not bore you with all the memories, as there are too many for one blog post. I have been cursed with good recall and can remember everything quite vividly despite my grandmother living in the state of denial. Sometimes it’s not always good to revisit the past.

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Not Everyone is a Hugger

What is it with people? Really? Even when you tell people you’re not a hugger, they insist on hugging and if you refuse they keep on until you do. I never liked hugging. My parents were the exception to that of course, but all my life it never felt right and when someone hugs me I feel so downright uncomfortable and I feel as if I need to get away from the person. Sort of like a mini panic attack I suppose. I know for some people it makes them feel good, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes them.

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Friend Came to Visit


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August Birds


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August Uneventful

WOW! Been a whole month since I blogged! Someone smack me upside the head. Truth be told though, August was hot and uneventful. Still in the same boring and overpriced place without any climate control making things a lot more miserable. Didn’t think it possible but it’s hotter than Benedict Cumberbatch in my house during the summer. Nothing like drying off after you shower only to still be wet and sticky and to try to put your clothes on while wet and sticky, not to mention ruining all your shirts with unsightly sweat stains. And trying to make your hair look nice? HA! And it sucks when you want to do stuff but the heat drains you of your will or power to lift even a finger.

Did manage to visit some old friends on the 18th over in Fowlerville, MI. We don’t all get to meet up much anymore so for the past few years we do one big meetup there. Kinda sucks though as it feels like I’ve really lost touch with them. They don’t feel like my people really. Another one of those instances where I feel alone in a crowded room. They’re good people, don’t get me wrong, known most of them for over 20 years, but it’s just the feeling of having drifted apart I guess. Not sure of a better way to explain it. Sure sometimes I can briefly add to conversations but for the most part, I just sit around for hours listening to them jabbering on about stuff. Oh well.

On the 19th I shot some video with another buddy of mine for his show. We went to Cobo Hall in Detroit for the Michigan Comic Con. Hung out in the lobby and got loads of good footage. Even got some guys in old fashion armor fighting with swords after the con. That was fun.

That was pretty much it though. And I think I’m finally just about getting bored with the Elvenar game. Was one of them time waster style games anyways. Was fun when I started but now it’s just “meh!” Which is fine I guess, means I can eventually go back to my nightly meditating or something.

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An Unpopular Opinion I’m Sure

It’s been a couple years already, but people are still crying for a season 5 of “Sherlock” even though the producers have repeatedly stated that they are working on a different project at the moment. Believe me I love the show, I really do. Even liked the 4th season enough to buy the dvd set even though it was the weakest of all. I don’t want another season right now. Eventually yes if they can make it better than season 4, but right now I am excited about all the new projects Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are involved in. Actors should never be stuck in one role forever, I want to see them play other characters in other shows and right now they are both on quite a roll in their respective careers. I feel bad for them whenever they get interviewed that the subject of “Sherlock” comes up. I can feel them fighting the urge to roll their eyes. These actors, as well as the others in the “Sherlock” cast, are so much more than just one character they play in one show. “Sherlock” will happen when it happens, but until then I am going to eagerly anticipate and support each and every project they have.

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Big Dipper in the Sky

Mucking about with night photography. A bit hard to do good sky shots in the city though with all the light pollution but still surprised this one came out as good as it did considering my naked eye didn’t even see it all too well.

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