Mixed Feelings

As of 7:00pm on December 31st, I am officially unemployed. While I am not totally freaking out just yet, I’m not sure if I should feel happy or sad to be let go from a place I’ve worked for for so long. I’m one of the few to survive through so many company changes. My original program manager from my days at Omnicom (the company where I got my start) is still with the current incarnation as head of public affairs, and apparently the video tech from Omnicom is still there in some department (thought he would have been retired by now). I was the only one from the programming department still in the programming department after going through 5 company changes and yearly company purges. I know I stayed there too long, but didn’t know where else to go. Hell couldn’t afford to move out of state to where all the good jobs were over the years. It was always one step forward and two steps back. What made things worse was the department had morphed into a vague shadow of what it once was. We no longer created our own material, which is sad because I loved making shows. It has pretty much become simply a company obligation due to local franchise agreements to keep an active local station even if it now only regurgitates 3rd party tripe that can be seen anywhere. Should have broke free 15 years ago but fell for people’s promises yet again. I’ll miss it, yet happy to finally be out of a rotting corpse of a tv station ruined by corporate restructuring. Now to find a new job, hopefully in television where I know stuff. Wouldn’t last 5 seconds in retail or customer service and I hate talking to people on the phone. Would still love to act and make films if possible. Who knows what the future holds? I’m open to ideas and even collaborations. Let’s create something.

Oh and Happy New Year.

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Simply Amazing

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is a fresh take on the comic book hero movie and is a must watch for the Spider-Man and comic book fan. The story centers on Miles Morales, a Brooklyn teen in an alternate universe who takes up the mantle of Spider-Man. He meets counterparts from other dimensions who get sucked into his and together must stop a threat to all realities. This animated feature hits all the right notes with style, story, characters, sound, music, and art. And yes there are some elements in the animation that look like they should be 3-D, it’s supposed to look that way. This movie is like reading a comic book on screen. Quite possibly the best Spider-Man movie since the first live action film from 2002. I think the late Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the men who created Spider-Man, would be proud. Highly recommended 9 out of 10.

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A person at work gave me some bottles to take to the store for recycling. Here in Michigan, certain beverage bottles and cans can be turned in to stores and you get 10 cents back per bottle and can, but not all stores take all brands. The lady told me that Kroger’s accepts the bottles she gave me, so on my way home I take the bottles in. The machine for taking the bottles was on the fritz so there was a wait. I stood in line for nearly a half hour as the machine was finally fixed and then the couple of people in front of me had to deposit their bottles. I begin putting mine in only to find out that the bottles this person at work assured me would be accepted were not accepted! There’s a chunk of time I won’t get back.

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Always Trying to Steer Me Wrong

All my life I have had this problem or people steering me into directions I do not want. One of the reasons I got stuck is I listened yet again to the wrong people and keep getting further away from my life goals I had set up since childhood. People wanting me to be something I am not or telling me what I actually want to do instead of letting me say what I want to do. Sometimes they disguise it as help or trick me into something that leads me astray. This infuriates me and I have gotten to where I’ve about had enough.

The latest is one in a long line of annoyances. With my impending unemployment growing ever so closer, I have of course been updating my resume and doing the job search thing. Not having updated the ole resume in awhile, a couple coworkers (who have offered to help in my search) to give me some input. One coworker liked it and only recommended a couple minor tweaks. The other however wants me to downplay my many years of experience in tv production and fluff up what I call the “desk jockey” stuff. There is literally not a whole lot of the “desk jockey” stuff to really play up. Other than on-air operations and making the channel schedules, everything else I have done is production based. He tells me that with the job market as bad as it is that I should probably look towards doing administrative assistant stuff (which I am NOT good at and would probably kill myself). I told him I do not know how to downplay that which has been my specialty all of my adult life and the only thing I have ever been able to take pride in. It would be like telling an A-list actor, “I don’t want to know about all of your years of award worthy performances, I want to actually hear all about your job as a bagger at Kroger’s and the stint as a Walmart greeter!” Yep, yet another person wanting to hold me back. He means well I guess, but still. Just because he failed doesn’t mean that I should suffer the same fate. Makes me feel like total shit.

Television production has always been my thing. It was supposed to have been a path to my original goal of becoming an actor but I have been sidetracked along the way but they say it’s never too late. My entire adult life has been television, how could I possibly downplay it when it is all I’ve done? Michigan is just a crappy place to work in the creative field, unfortunately I never was able to get enough money to get out. I can adapt to do other things to survive but I could never be happy. But I am not about to downplay my strengths for nobody.

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On the Fence About This One

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is one of those sequels that left me wondering what exactly it was that I watched. It wasn’t a bad film, but like most sequels it lacked a bit of the magic that made the first film. I feel the problem lay with it not being sure which tale the writers were wanting to tell and some characters put in that begged me to question why they were there in the first place which caused things to drag a little bit. And despite the title, it really doesn’t feel like Grindelwald plays much of a part in the movie except for the opening and the climax at the end. The middle is pretty much Credence trying to figure out his true identity and some stuff with Queenie and Jacob (again, pointless characters) with a bit of Newt Scamander thrown in because he’s supposed to be the main character of the film. There’s not much of a plot, or perhaps the plot is just all over the place, and it feels like a 2 hour set-up for another sequel which I’ll probably end up seeing. Visually, it’s great, but the story needed more substance and a bit more menace from the main baddie. Overall I think a 6.5 out of 10

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Not a Sport, Never Will Be

I don’t care what schools these days are saying. E-sports are never going to actually be considered sports. They’re freakin’ video games people! I love video games as much as the next person, hell I grew up on them, but they are no more a sport than watching tv or eating. E-sports are nothing more than overly glorified video game competitions.

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Why is This a Thing?

People are always making excuses to party instead of just having a party for the hell of it. Gender Reveal Parties? Sounds like “Baby Shower Part 2: The Quest for More Presents!”

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