Another For My Blacklist

I rarely eat out these days. It’s cheaper and healthier to make your own meals whenever possible. Sometimes though one must out of necessity. Tonight was one of those times. The chicken I had set in the fridge early Sunday morning was still not thawed enough to cook, so I thought I would go find a reasonably priced place to grab some dinner after work so that I would not be eating too late due to extended cook time of the aforementioned frozen chicken. I then remembered that I still had a $50 gift card to Applebee’s. Hey dinner solved!

I hadn’t been to Applebee’s in well over two years since they decided to raise their prices yet shrink their portions. I’m all for trying to help people practice portion control, but the prices should not go up when you’re getting less food that isn’t even top of the line quality in taste. Not saying their food is bad, but it isn’t what you would call a four star dining establishment. It’s good for what it is. Anyways, I get there before seven o’clock and promptly shown to my table. The greeter hands me my menu and informs me that someone will be with me shortly to take my order. Normally, in most restaurants, there is someone rushing over to take your drinks order within five minutes of sitting down. Despite it being what should be still the “dinner rush”, there were only about 5 tables occupied in the restaurant but I chalked it up to it being Monday night. Nobody ever came around to take my order but the table behind me was being waited on. I patiently wait a bit longer. I only had a granola bar, tea, and a couple pieces of candy for lunch at work so I was a bit hungry. My table kept getting passed by as if I was being ignored. I know waitstaff have certain tables they service so I did not get too bent out of shape. Ten minutes have passed since being seated and I am starting to get annoyed. My companion I brought along with me even tried to get the attention of one of the staff as they passed by to no avail. After over 15 minutes, probably closer to 20, we decided to get up and leave. As I passed the greeter station at the door I made sure my displeasure was clear as I walked out and went elsewhere.

Applebee’s has pretty much joined the ranks of places I will not give my money to along with Chili’s. Used to love Chili’s but the last couple of times I was there, their food had a lot to be desired and their service seems to have went downhill as well. The first time it happened, I gave them the benefit of a doubt as it was pretty busy but the second time in the same location? Yeah that’s a fail. Buffalo Wild Wings is another, though will go there if I have a gift card. Their food is over priced and a bit on the salty side for my taste but is still not horrid.

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I Feel Insulted

I feel as if I have been insulted by the Fed Ex delivery guy today. He brings in two small boxes that probably only weigh about 5 or 10 pounds each and sets them on the floor so that I can sign his little signature pad. I go to pick them up and he tells me I should get someone to pick them up for me. I didn’t even look at him and just grabbed them and took them to the office of the person they were to go to. Do I really look so feeble and helpless? Or is it because I’m a woman? My hand weights next to my bed weigh more than one of those boxes. Before I got stuck where I’m at, I would regularly carry my weight in tv production equipment like a pack mule. I think I can handle two tiny boxes!

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I’ve always had a problem with getting sidetracked which I suppose is all part of my ADHD, but sometimes it really gets annoying as hell. It seems to be getting worse lately. I’ll make plans to get certain things done and of course they end up waiting for yet another week. It’s not that I’m lazy, far from it, I just get sidetracked sometimes. I tell myself that I will get X, Y, and Z done but first a quick peek at Twitter, blog reading, catch up on what’s going on in the world, or whatever else and then next thing you know it’s 3am or later. A bit too late to start doing projects at 3am especially with how long it takes me to finish a task. I was always so organized, what the hell happened over the last few years?

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Typo Police

People love catching my typos. I’m a really good speller in real life, nearly made it to the state spelling bee championship back in junior high. Sometimes I write my blogs just before going to bed though which means sometimes I make a goof. Some people are very quick on that. This is not a slam though, don’t worry. I don’t mind too much. I’m such a perfectionist that I hate leaving typos in if found.

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The Roar of Thunder

Now for something fun. “Thor: Ragnarok” was an awesome movie. Marvel Studios continues their good track record of dishing out good comic book hero movies with great story, amazing actors, stunning effects, and overall feeling of making the audience want more. Great blend of action, adventure, and well timed comedy. With the disappearance of Odin, Thor’s sister Hela breaks free of her prison and is determined to rule Asgard or destroy it (and eventually the universe because that’s just what villains want to do). Thor must break out of his own prison across the universe and stop Hela’s destruction. The chemistry between all of the actors really make the story come together nicely. New movie so won’t give too much away, which I hope I don’t usually give much away anyways. If you’re a fan of the MCU, you will love this movie. Even if you don’t follow the Marvel movies and just like sci-fi and superhero movies in general, you will love this movie. Remember to stay seated throughout the credits as there are two extra scenes (the one with Jeff Goldblum is worth the wait in itself). A mighty score of 9 out of 10, highly recommended.

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I hate this place. This life, this house, this planet, this universe. I need out. I never wanted any of it. Not one single little piece.

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Ninety Minutes I Won’t Get Back

I very rarely have low ranking reviews on here because most of the movies I watch are actually good. There are some however that, while sitting in an empty office doing my work, I get curious about and then cannot look away even if it’s bad. Flipping through cable channels at my desk, I came across the horror flick “Eloise”. Let us use the term “horror” loosely here. The setting for this movie is the now defunct Eloise Insane Asylum, a real place located in Westland, Michigan. I’ve been past it, creepy place but then again most abandoned places are.

The main character, upon the death of his father, must return to Detroit where he finds that he stands to inherit a tidy sum of money as long as he can produce the death certificate of his aunt who was a patient at Eloise. Instead of just going to county records like most people would in this situation, which would be a whole lot easier but hey it’s just a movie, he goes to the administrative building for the hospital. He decides the wait period for the records is too long so he enlists the help of an old friend as well as a mentally handicapped young man who seems obsessed with all things Eloise and his sister. The foursome break into the abandoned asylum to search for the needed records and find much more than they bargained for.

While this is pretty much your standard people-trespass-onto-creepy-locale-and-end-up-getting-into-trouble type movie, I’ve seen better. The actors could not draw me into the story. Very little character development to make me really feel for any of them and the plot just did not make sense. I guess I just like my horror to be, you know, scary. At least Chernobyl Diaries had some good jump scares and freaky zombies though that one was still a bit “MEH”. I score it at 4 out of 10. You can find better.

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