Messed Up Era

Here’s something I never really gave much thought to until I saw it mentioned on social media recently, but the 1980’s was really a messed up decade filled with mixed messages. I think we can all agree that just about every good cartoon worth watching were pretty much 30 minute toy commercials. Don’t know any cartoon from the 80’s or 90’s that didn’t have toys and other merchandise. I don’t have much of an issue with that because I live in a capitalist nation who tries to make every penny they can off of anything. But here’s what I find weird. It has been pointed out that there were some toys marketed to children based on “R” rated movies. Movies that any child under a certain age should not see due to their graphic nature. Movies like “Alien”, “RoboCop”, “Terminator”, “Predator”, Rambo” and a bunch of other hot movies of the day. Good films the lot of them, but why market toys based off of these decidedly adult films to children? I’m not calling into question whether or not children should see the movies as many of them I saw by the time I was 10 years old or so with parental supervision (and parental pre-screening) but they were obviously not made with children in mind. To make it even more odd, some of these “R” rated movies ended up getting cartoon versions made for children to watch. Kinda makes you laugh looking back at it all.

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Trash or Treasure, or Just Your Opinion

Franchise movies get a lot of flack. Yes, there is an infestation of franchise and reboot movies in theaters and streaming services these days and to some may look like they are choking out other genres. Even big filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola have been blasting franchises, especially comic book based movies, claiming that they are not real cinema. Personally I feel they and other filmmakers blasting superhero movies are wrong in the fact that they are not cinema. They are cinema and people work just as hard at creating these films as any other filmmaker. Superheroes and basic stories of good vs. evil have been part of human entertainment since the times of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and have a place in storytelling today. People love a good hero to root for and a villain to boo at. Also, one person’s idea of art can be different from another’s and who’s to say that one or the other is wrong? I may not find the works of Picasso all that compelling but there are many people who praise his work. I happen to think Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the greatest actors of my generation, but I am sure there are people out there who beg to differ. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure as the old saying goes. As for master filmmakers blasting the current rash of superhero and other franchise flicks, I have the utmost respect for them and what they do, and they have just as much right to their opinion as anyone else and I respect their opinions even if I may not agree with them fully.

Another thing to consider before people go hating on all these franchise films. Yes, they are everywhere with no end in sight, and many if not all are pretty formulaic, but have you given thought as to why they are all over the place? People obviously love them! People all over the developed world shell out money to see these films. As long as there is an audience willing to pay, studios will keep cranking out the movies. If nobody wanted these movies, then nobody would watch them or buy the merchandise and the filmmakers would just have to move on to other stories to create in hopes of making money. I think of many of these franchise movies as candy. They may not enrich your life or make you think much, but they are still a fun and enjoyable escape created by talented artists.

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Just Don’t

Somebody must have said something to somebody to get it broadcast all over the internet that I despise certain terms that some consider terms of endearment because now I have strangers on the internet contacting me, trying to chat with me, and calling me stuff like “dear” “hun” “sweetie” and so forth. I hate these terms even when uttered by friends and family as they were always used in a condescending way towards me when I was younger causing me to show much restraint in not clobbering the person who utters these words. My grandparents, an aunt or two, cousins, and sometimes even teachers and later on some coworkers would love to “put me in my place” and belittle me and remind me that I was “just a kid and don’t know anything” and would often throw a dear/hun/honey/sweetie in the mix, so it is understandable that I would come to hate being referred to by these words. For me they are not terms of endearment but terms of hatred and trying to exert control. I know these total strangers have no clue about this, but that fact doesn’t make me cringe any less. Also, why the hell are they calling me these things anyways as if they know me? People do this just to annoy me I’m sure.

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Strange Strangers

People do not make sense. I’m normally a polite person for the most part. If a stranger says “Hi” to me, I’ll usually say “Hi” back and even engage in a little chitchat. Sometimes I get strangers message me in a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn and the chat will be going okay for the most part, but then all of a sudden they will ask for my hangout information. I legitimately do not have such an app since all communications I do is on a desktop pc. They try and give me the line that it’s more private and conducive to chat on this hangout thing. Excuse me but I always thought direct messengers (DMs) were private which is why they are called direct messengers. I am not going to create yet another social media account on a site I never use just to talk to someone I will probably never talk to again. The direct messengers on the platform we are communicating on right now is sufficient and if it’s not, then why the hell are you contacting me on this platform in the first place?

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Where’s the Follow Through?

Why do people never follow through with things they say they will do. Has to be one of the most annoying things about humans. Sometimes them not following through causes me not to follow through with things. But it really is annoying when someone keeps stringing you along saying they will do something but yet they never do it! The most recent started this past spring. Had a mostly online friend get me anticipating the opportunity to work on some projects with him. This has nothing to do with projects I had in the works by the way. I was even willing to help out for just the cost of a little bit of gas money. He seemed so excited to get another person to work with him on some stuff. Of course after the initial conversation, every time it was brought up he would make an excuse as to why he hadn’t started his planning phases yet but was still going to do the mini films he wanted to do and he was always making sure of my availability, which of course at the time my schedule was wide open except for one day in September. Still nothing has been done. He has done other things of course but not the stuff he was wanting my help with. I pretty much got tired of bringing it up. This though was only a minor annoyance but still an annoyance nonetheless. Not like I was going to get paid or anything, but waiting and trying to keep an open schedule just in case can be infuriating.

Sometimes though, the following through of stuff is even more important. Like all those promises my previous employer always made but never followed through. Don’t worry, not getting on that soapbox again, though I’m still steaming over that one and all of my years wasted. Or the times I want to get something done but I have to rely on the help of someone else to get it done as it is impossible to do with just me, myself, and I. Especially annoying when you get all pumped and start putting things in motion but then things come to a screeching halt because the one person you were counting on lending a hand backs out. Or how about starting the act of making love, and just when you’re really into it and feel yourself climaxing, everything stops leaving you very unsatisfied. Then there is the ever-popular events that occur in childhood. Adult says, “We’ll go here” or “We’ll do that” if you’re good or if you do this thing and of course you do the thing they ask and they never follow through with their reward. Adults think children eventually forget that shit but I never did. I remember almost every single instance. I mean at least give me the dreaded “We’ll see” so I know that it will never happen, but don’t give me false hope or teaching me the bad lesson of not bothering to set goals.

The moral of the story is to make good on your words. Always follow through when you tell someone that you are going to do something and don’t give false hope and empty promises.

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Chinese Crested Dog

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The Witch

This old dead tree looks like a petrified old lady. Perhaps some poor soul ran afoul of an evil witch, or perhaps even a witch herself being punished for her crimes? Either way, she is cursed to spend the days and nights alone and bare in an open field in Michigan.

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