Cluster F@%!

After about a week in the shop, my car finally comes back to me. Had some wiring issues and the cluster panel (the thing that controls the dashboard readouts) went haywire and needed replacing. Took a while to get the part but they did finally. Works fine other than the lights under the dials and the mileage readout don’t show up so need to take it back in to get it checked out. Such fun, is it any wonder my blood pressure was high this week when I went to see the doctor? And here I thought it was going to be a good month.

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One Bright Moment

Call me crazy for being proud of a complete stranger, but I need someone to be proud of. Congratulations to Benedict Cumberbatch on being appointed President of LAMDA. Yet one more accomplishment under his belt.

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My People Trying to Find Me?

Apparently the Detroit area had a close brush with a meteorite tonight. Exploded in the air of course so nothing major, just pretty freakin’ cool. Didn’t see it personally but heard something and dismissed it until I noticed the news trending on Twitter. Maybe my people finally come to look for me? Or maybe nature just waking us up a bit.

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2018 Not Off to a Great Start

Well I was positive that 2018 would start on a positive note but I guess I was wrong. I have been unable to get any decent amount of sleep and after a week and a half of having to share my car with the person i live with because his car died on New Years Eve, my car decides to go wonky. My gauges are totally loopy and my service light won’t go out even after I got my oil and trans fluid changed and I have no headlights other than my high beams. Really not needing the expense right now since I just spent a bunch on the aforementioned fluid changes, my health insurance has reset so of course have to pay full price for prescriptions until deductible is met, doctor appointment next week, and I have not switched car insurance companies so still paying too much on that, and on top of all that my back is starting to bug me again and it is booger freezing cold outside. Just kill me now.

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Winter Strikes Back

Way too cold. Temps have been below zero way too many days.

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Happy New Year! Is it just me or once you get into your 30s, New Years Eve is just no fun anymore? Maybe I need to find some interesting peeps to hang with. Another low key and uneventful New Years Eve spent at home scrolling social media and sipping wine. This bores me. Hoping for a positive year though.

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December in a Nut Shell

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, sorry about that. 2018 will be so much better hopefully. As I have stated previously, very boring month.

The big thing in December of course politically is the continued dick-waving between the US President and the leader of North Korea. Just get it over with already guys. Shit or get off the pot. Someone needs to take these two toddlers and put them into a cage and let them knock each other silly.

One silly thing though that has happened about every week is that an elderly man who produces a show for one of the stations my office runs, keeps asking for information on anyone who might know how to fix his severely outdated editing equipment. This man, who I may have mentioned before, still uses 3/4 inch and Beta videotape to make his shows before dubbing them onto a DVD. Some of his decks are models from the 1980s if not older and many of which he uses rubber bands as belts as it is increasingly hard to find parts for the machines. He refuses to upgrade himself to nonlinear editing using a computer which is a hell of a lot easier and not that hard to learn and comes up with all sorts of excuses not to from the fact that all of his (overly used) stock footage is on videotape to his age. Sure, a couple of the employees as well as myself have been around in the days of using videotape technology but we are not video techs. We use equipment and when it goes on the fritz we get the tech to repair the thing. The couple of techno-whizzes we have have never used videotape as it went out of fashion by the time they finished high school. This man even tries to get me to contact people who used to work for the company many years ago. Umm sorry dude but I’m not about to try contacting people I haven’t spoke to in over 15 years just to see if they could come fix your antiques. I’ve known the guy since I was a young intern fresh out of high school, so I try not to be too rude but come on get with the times or just retire.

Christmas was same old same old. Christmas Eve did some visiting, got some gifts (a few of which will just end up stacked into the pantry with the rest of the stuff we get but never use), and why do people insist on holding hands and sharing germs while praying before a holiday meal(GROSS)? And Christmas Day did some more visiting. I know, *YAWN!* Hey, told you it was uneventful. LOL

Next year I am going to try to do monthly pic posting again if I can get out of my rut. Going to try to post more, we’ll see how that goes. And who knows what else.

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