Know Your Audience

When you think comic con you normally think books, toys, art, and collectibles centered around the themes of science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes. You also think of comic books, cosplay, celebrity autograph sessions, and guest speakers. You never go into a comic con thinking about gel candles with sea shells or at home manicures. Yes, this happened this weekend at a local area comic con and it was just so out of place.

I had no money this weekend so was strictly there to assist a friend on shooting some footage for his show and basically hang out when not shooting. At these things, I still have a need to browse the aisles and check out all the cool stuff the various vendors have to offer even when I have no money to spend. My friend’s base of operations was a table on the far side of the venue where he and a couple of other guys do podcasts. Next to their table, I notice a couple selling (I kid you not) home manicure kits. Their product, which is not a bad product actually, is basically nail art appliques without the mess of nail polish. Now it may not have been so out of place if their appliques had some sort of comic book or sci fi theme to them but no, these were designs you could get from any manicurist or in the nail care aisle of your store of choice. Yeah I don’t think they were selling too well at this event from the apparent lack of people visiting their table. I don’t know if the guy selling the gel candles did much better. Again, no event appropriate designs just basic gel candles with some rocks and sea shells in the bottom.

Sometimes you have to wonder what goes on in people’s minds. Know your audience.

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