A Little Light Viewing

Though not as good as the first, “Incredibles 2” was a fun watch. Let’s face it, sequels rarely live up to the original but can still be somewhat enjoyable. Pixar’s animation is as good as one would expect. The action sequences are quite thrilling, though heed the warning about the flashing lights in some sections of the film. I’m not prone to seizures but it was a bit annoying on the eyes. The plot was a bit thin for my taste but overall it was pretty good. Without giving it all away, Elastigirl is out doing superhero stuff and trying to advance the cause for legalizing supers while Mr. Incredible plays stay at home dad dealing with all the fun stuff parenting has to offer, and the baby develops powers. One can pretty much figure out who the villain is early in the film. 7.5 out of 10

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