Just a Bit Obsessive Don’t You think?

I can see seeing a movie a few times at the cinema, especially if it’s a great film. Personally I wouldn’t do more than three considering the fact that it will most likely be on dvd/bluray in another couple months and out on cable and on demand services shortly after, but to each their own. Boasting to the world that you have seen a movie 20+ times at the cinema during the first month of a film’s release though does not make one look like some awesomely cool superfan. Kinda makes you look a bit crazy. I applaud you for having the money to throw away like that though, not many do, and I’m sure the creators of that movie applaud your enthusiasm as they have done their job in making something people rave about. Sure , see a film a few times if you wish at the cinema, but anything over 10 times to me is a bit obsessive. Chill out and wait for the dvd/bluray/digital download. You can save hundreds that way.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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