Small World on the Internet

Something I noticed the other day on Facebook slightly amused me. Yeah, I have a Facebook though I rarely post anything more than pics on there and check out fan pages dedicated to some loved artists or see if anything interesting is going on with the few people on my friends list. I was checking out the Facebook page of on of my friends as it’s sometimes easier to check a friend’s page than scrolling through the whole news feed, and in the section that lists mutual friends I came across a familiar face that was totally unexpected. This friend, Who I’ve only met not more than 2 years ago, is mutuals with a cousin of mine. Well technically the cousin would be a 2nd or 3rd and probably once removed or some complicated crap like since she is actually the great granddaughter of my great grandmother’s sister so we just say cousin, it’s easier that way. I’ve also went to elementary school with this cousin before her family moved to another city. She found and “befriended” me on Facebook a few years ago. I know it’s no big thing, just found it amusing that this guy I barely know would be mutual friends with a relative of mine.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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