Winter Strikes Back

Way too cold. Temps have been below zero way too many days.

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Happy New Year! Is it just me or once you get into your 30s, New Years Eve is just no fun anymore? Maybe I need to find some interesting peeps to hang with. Another low key and uneventful New Years Eve spent at home scrolling social media and sipping wine. This bores me. Hoping for a positive year though.

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December in a Nut Shell

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, sorry about that. 2018 will be so much better hopefully. As I have stated previously, very boring month.

The big thing in December of course politically is the continued dick-waving between the US President and the leader of North Korea. Just get it over with already guys. Shit or get off the pot. Someone needs to take these two toddlers and put them into a cage and let them knock each other silly.

One silly thing though that has happened about every week is that an elderly man who produces a show for one of the stations my office runs, keeps asking for information on anyone who might know how to fix his severely outdated editing equipment. This man, who I may have mentioned before, still uses 3/4 inch and Beta videotape to make his shows before dubbing them onto a DVD. Some of his decks are models from the 1980s if not older and many of which he uses rubber bands as belts as it is increasingly hard to find parts for the machines. He refuses to upgrade himself to nonlinear editing using a computer which is a hell of a lot easier and not that hard to learn and comes up with all sorts of excuses not to from the fact that all of his (overly used) stock footage is on videotape to his age. Sure, a couple of the employees as well as myself have been around in the days of using videotape technology but we are not video techs. We use equipment and when it goes on the fritz we get the tech to repair the thing. The couple of techno-whizzes we have have never used videotape as it went out of fashion by the time they finished high school. This man even tries to get me to contact people who used to work for the company many years ago. Umm sorry dude but I’m not about to try contacting people I haven’t spoke to in over 15 years just to see if they could come fix your antiques. I’ve known the guy since I was a young intern fresh out of high school, so I try not to be too rude but come on get with the times or just retire.

Christmas was same old same old. Christmas Eve did some visiting, got some gifts (a few of which will just end up stacked into the pantry with the rest of the stuff we get but never use), and why do people insist on holding hands and sharing germs while praying before a holiday meal(GROSS)? And Christmas Day did some more visiting. I know, *YAWN!* Hey, told you it was uneventful. LOL

Next year I am going to try to do monthly pic posting again if I can get out of my rut. Going to try to post more, we’ll see how that goes. And who knows what else.

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A Bit Disappointing

I had high hopes for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, I really did. A Doctor’s last hurrah is supposed to be epic, but I did not feel this epicness. I know, that really isn’t a word but you get my drift. The show had its good points but I think they tried too hard to drive their message of equality home to the viewer. When inserting messages into a show, it should flow naturally. There are many episodes in the past that illustrate a message without it feeling forced. As a woman I applaud the message they wanted to convey but still don’t want to feel like I am being force fed a particular viewpoint when watching something that is supposed to be entertaining.

As a Doctor Who fan, I am also annoyed at how they portrayed the character of the First Doctor. I had high hopes for this as well. A rare multi Doctor episode featuring the Doctor’s original self. Obviously not the original actor as William Hartnell passed away back in the 1970s. David Bradley certainly had the look down and a few of the mannerisms, but the dialog delivery seemed a bit stilted as if he were a Mondasian Cyberman. They also ruined the character by making him sound like a sexist twat which is sure to drive away any younger generation fan from looking up the adventures of the First Doctor. Granted not all of the episodes from the 60’s were shining gems, but there were some really good ones that are still watchable today despite the low budget look. Yes, the First Doctor was a bit old fashioned and grandfatherly in the original First Doctor adventures but he would never have spoken to his female companions in the way he did in this Christmas episode, especially Polly who would have told the old man what he could go do with himself. I know they wanted to showcase outdated idea but they didn’t have to ruin a character to do it. If anything, they could have used Mark Gatiss’s character to make the point since his character really didn’t do much throughout the whole episode.

The WWI British army captain, played by Mark Gatiss, was pointless up until the end. I’ve always enjoyed watching Gatiss on screen as much as I enjoy his writing, but his character felt like an afterthought through much of the episode until they finally reveal his significance in the end scene on the battlefield. Pearl Mackie’s “Bill” also had a pointless feel as the only thing she seemed to do was constantly trying to convince the Doctor that she really was the embodiment of Bill’s memories.

The only bright spot was Peter Capaldi’s performance despite the shoddy writing. Not always easy working with sub par material but he was classic Twelfth Doctor to the end. I shall miss seeing him as my favorite Time Lord but looking forward to what the Thirteenth will be like.

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The Last Jedi

WOW! I just noticed I have not posted all month! I usually do at least 3 or 4, sorry about that. Big December post coming soon, although not too big as not much happened.

Anyways, caught “The Last Jedi” this week and I must admit I was not wowed. That’s not to say that I did not enjoy the movie, I did like it, but as with “The Force Awakens” it felt a bit recycled. This entry also didn’t have that “Star Wars” soul which the previous film at least had despite being an updated copy of “A New Hope”. Someone had told me before seeing this film that it was a great movie, just not a great “Star Wars” movie, and I hate to say that I must agree. Aside from the Luke and Rey scenes which I thought were well done and had potential, everything else felt hollow and meaningless which is not good when you’re telling a story as massive as “Star Wars”. Kylo Ren still has no real presence in the story as the antagonist either. I’d be more afraid of running into Dark Helmet from “Spaceballs” than Kylo Ren, although he did finally start to show potential in his final scene but I like my villains to be bad from the start. And yes, while not quite as rehashy as “The Force Awakens”, there are many elements in this film that you can point to and say, “This is just like that scene in (insert SW episode here) and this and that is going to happen.”

I still recommend seeing “The Last Jedi” as it is still a fun adventure, just don’t expect anything groundbreaking. 7 out of 10.

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Another For My Blacklist

I rarely eat out these days. It’s cheaper and healthier to make your own meals whenever possible. Sometimes though one must out of necessity. Tonight was one of those times. The chicken I had set in the fridge early Sunday morning was still not thawed enough to cook, so I thought I would go find a reasonably priced place to grab some dinner after work so that I would not be eating too late due to extended cook time of the aforementioned frozen chicken. I then remembered that I still had a $50 gift card to Applebee’s. Hey dinner solved!

I hadn’t been to Applebee’s in well over two years since they decided to raise their prices yet shrink their portions. I’m all for trying to help people practice portion control, but the prices should not go up when you’re getting less food that isn’t even top of the line quality in taste. Not saying their food is bad, but it isn’t what you would call a four star dining establishment. It’s good for what it is. Anyways, I get there before seven o’clock and promptly shown to my table. The greeter hands me my menu and informs me that someone will be with me shortly to take my order. Normally, in most restaurants, there is someone rushing over to take your drinks order within five minutes of sitting down. Despite it being what should be still the “dinner rush”, there were only about 5 tables occupied in the restaurant but I chalked it up to it being Monday night. Nobody ever came around to take my order but the table behind me was being waited on. I patiently wait a bit longer. I only had a granola bar, tea, and a couple pieces of candy for lunch at work so I was a bit hungry. My table kept getting passed by as if I was being ignored. I know waitstaff have certain tables they service so I did not get too bent out of shape. Ten minutes have passed since being seated and I am starting to get annoyed. My companion I brought along with me even tried to get the attention of one of the staff as they passed by to no avail. After over 15 minutes, probably closer to 20, we decided to get up and leave. As I passed the greeter station at the door I made sure my displeasure was clear as I walked out and went elsewhere.

Applebee’s has pretty much joined the ranks of places I will not give my money to along with Chili’s. Used to love Chili’s but the last couple of times I was there, their food had a lot to be desired and their service seems to have went downhill as well. The first time it happened, I gave them the benefit of a doubt as it was pretty busy but the second time in the same location? Yeah that’s a fail. Buffalo Wild Wings is another, though will go there if I have a gift card. Their food is over priced and a bit on the salty side for my taste but is still not horrid.

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I Feel Insulted

I feel as if I have been insulted by the Fed Ex delivery guy today. He brings in two small boxes that probably only weigh about 5 or 10 pounds each and sets them on the floor so that I can sign his little signature pad. I go to pick them up and he tells me I should get someone to pick them up for me. I didn’t even look at him and just grabbed them and took them to the office of the person they were to go to. Do I really look so feeble and helpless? Or is it because I’m a woman? My hand weights next to my bed weigh more than one of those boxes. Before I got stuck where I’m at, I would regularly carry my weight in tv production equipment like a pack mule. I think I can handle two tiny boxes!

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