Something is Not Right

I think I have said it before but I am saying it again in light of recent events. I am all for gun ownership. People should be allowed to own personal handguns and hunting rifles providing they are properly educated on the use, care, and storage of them and get properly licensed. I grew up around guns and was taught from an early age what they should be used for and what they can do in the wrong hands. Daddy always told me it was better to have and never use than to need and not have. I also believe that there is absolutely no reason on earth civilians need police and military grade firearms. How is it that it is so easy for the average Joe to get military grade firearms? How can you walk into a gun show and just passively win a gun in a raffle with no background checks or use and safety certifications? It’s easier to get a gun than it is a car or a loan from the bank.

Something is seriously wrong and needs fixed NOW! I know many cry out for an all out ban on firearms of any kind, but this is not the answer as it will not keep them out of the hands of criminals. If someone wants to do harm, they will find a way. Just as drug addicts and pushers find ways of buying and selling illegal and outright banned drugs. But we do need stricter laws. Something must be done, this has gotten way out of hand. Of course the government cares more about sabotaging health care and the education system than they do public safety, but that’s just my opinion.

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Creepy Clown

Caught a matinee of the movie “It”, based upon the Stephen King novel of the same name. It’s about a group of bullied schoolkids in a small Maine town getting grips on their fears as they come together to combat an evil taking the form of a clown and feeding on the town’s children. I went in to this movie not having read the book and having only a vague recollection of the tv miniseries from the 1990s. While not exactly a masterpiece of horror film making, “It” is still worth a watch. A bit slow in some spots so patience is needed, and some elements to the story do not really make much sense (oblivious or uncaring adults and scene with head bully and his dad for two). The scenes with Pennywise were pretty awesome. Bill Skarsgård was exceptionally creepy as the killer clown, great performance. The movie has a moderately high creepy factor and some good jump scares but nothing to really make you mess yourself.

Score 7 out of 10

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Excursion to Hell

Yes, literally an excursion to Hell. I recently went on a little road trip an hour’s drive west to the tiny community of Hell, Michigan for their annual Hearse Fest. The town’s name is Hell so you would not expect them to have just a regular old car show now would you? While not a vacation destination in itself, it’s a nice place to visit if you’re not that far away and love beautiful country scenery, and the natives really play up their town’s name for visitors with Halloween themed ice cream parlor, real fire-singed postcards and other stuff that plays on their name. You can get a certificate from Dam U, check out the dam in Hell, and all sorts of touristy stuff. If touristy kitsch isn’t your thing, go for a scenic hike, it’s all good. I recommend having a pasty for lunch at the Hell Hole Bar, or maybe even their pizza which looks like it’s to die for and I’ve heard good things about their fish. While I didn’t do too much random scenery shooting, I did snap a few pics of some pretty cool hearses and Halloween decor.

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Great Weekend Finally

Finally had a halfway decent weekend for a change. You could not ask for better weather either. Mother Nature was picture perfect up here in Lower Michigan. Not too cold or too hot, loads of sunshine (which is the real reason for sunscreen by the way for those who think temperature actually has something to do with it, yes somebody told me I didn’t need sunscreen because it was only going to be 67 degrees causing me to nearly die of laughter), gentle breeze, and great for getting out and about with loads of walking exercise to be had.

Saturday, I went to the annual Old Car Festival in Dearborn’s Greenfield Village. A nice outing despite seeing the same cars from the same people there that are there every year. Did not bother shooting car pictures this time around since they are always the same. Check out my archives from September and October 2014, 2015, and 2016 and you’ll have seen what was there this year. I find myself needing a new setting. And of course food and drinks are way overpriced so did not get to eat a real full on meal until afterwards. Events like these love to jack up their prices because they know they have you trapped.

Sunday was a trek out to Holly for the Renaissance Festival. It’s been years since I’ve been there. I even decided to sort of dress up by throwing on my flower crown and a black cloak since when and where would I ever be able to wear such items and they just sit in my closet for years. Saw a few acts I have not seen before. Unfortunately I was unable to afford to support any of the local artists and vendors selling some really nice stuff, but I am still poor after all. This weekend’s theme happened to be Wonders of the World and had dances and acts from many cultures and also featured steam punk and Doctor Who costume contests which were quite interesting. By the end of the day I was beat. Got home and cleaned up a bit, then sat down at my computer and totally zonked out.

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Who Wants to Live Forever?

I recently heard on the radio and saw some news articles online about scientists looking into prolonging life long past currently held records. Having people live to 150 or perhaps longer will no longer be stuff of science fiction. I find this troubling. Not to sound cruel, and I know nobody ever wants to see a loved one die even of natural old age, but I believe death to be nature’s way of controlling the population of a species. Unless they find a way to stop skin, organ, and bone decay, the human body could not really last beyond 110 and even that age is extremely rare right now. Human skin starts to show a bit of wear by your 30s, which is why there are so many skincare products on the market. Bones start to get a bit more brittle once you’re in your 50s or 60s. If they overcome those hurdles, you still have to worry about people needing to stay in the workforce longer in order to survive in today’s money driven society which means the younger generations will have that much more difficulty in finding jobs. Our society is also quite ageist. You think it is hard to get a job at 35, try getting one at 65. This leads into the problem of population and resources. We have not reached (and probably never will) the technological knowhow to colonize other worlds. We only have one planet that we are already bleeding dry and polluting to the point of no return. Longer lives will only mean more people and not enough places for them to live comfortably and resources will be bare minimum. Think the movie Soylent Green, or the Star Trek episode The Mark of Gideon, or a host of other science fiction stories about dystopian futures. Do we really want to go down that road? I would be happy with 100 as long as I was healthy and active and not a burden on society. I think we need to cure society of its dependency on wealth and profit first. Humans would be happier if they just lived instead of worrying about how they are going to live. Maybe I’m wrong in my thinking, maybe I’m right, who knows.

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Big August Post to Cover Things All at Once

Hi guys! August, just like pretty much the whole summer, has been way too slow to really post more than once a week if that. Hate doing that to you but sometimes nothing noteworthy goes on and sit in a 90 degree house barely able to do anything as you’re so drained from the heat. Another reason I want to leave this boring place, way too hot and humid with no climate control on top of the drab trappings and the sheer minute size of it. I hate being too hot and drained to do anything, not a good feeling.

Anyways, not much went on this month. Had to go see my doctor for my 3 month checkup just to get more refills on my prescriptions. I remember when it was only every 6 months but now I have to go and see her every 3 for some reason. Probably just to get more money out of me and more body shaming. I’m only 20 pounds overweight and have been consistently this weight for some time. I have been battling the same 20 pounds for the last 25 years. Whenever I make headway it comes back even though I have drastically changed my diet over the years and have been trying to exercise more especially since my job forces me to sit a bit more which I hate with a passion. It used to be quite mobile but as the company keeps changing its focus from having our department be all about making tv shows to just making money for them by catering to corporate suits, it’s not as action packed as it used to be. Would love to get out of it but not many people hiring in my field in my area. But anyways, yeah the job doesn’t allow for much weight loss. I think I’m doing pretty good though considering the meds I take. I think my doctor though wants me to develop an eating disorder because she tells me to eat less even though I’m barely eating as it is. And she thinks I have scoliosis without even examining my back when I told her about the back pain that started back in June. I don’t have scoliosis you dumb bitch, if I did I wouldn’t be able to put the backs of my knees to my ears when I’m doing my stretches. Maybe she should look into that eh? She loves blanket answers instead of listening to what the patient is saying and try to help from there. The only reason why I ever started seeing her in the first place was that she took over for the person that took over the practice from my original doctor who I had since birth and I was also moving around so much in the 90s and early 2000s that it didn’t make sense to keep changing docs, especially when I did not know where I would be next, and truth be told I thought I would be far, far away from where I am now by this time. When you have to put everything on hold, everything goes on hold. I swear though I often wonder where exactly my doctor got her degree from, a cereal box perhaps?

The much hyped eclipse happened on the 21st. Only had an 80% eclipse here in the Detroit area so we didn’t get the totally awesome night time in the middle of day effect that those in the path of totality got. Saw that on tv and it was pretty cool. I really can’t believe that there are people who travel from hundreds of miles away just to see a thing that is over with in a matter of minutes but some do. I guess the population of Wyoming about tripled that day. I did go outside with a coworker during the partial eclipse to check it out with some eclipse glasses we shared that another coworker had given us as we stood outside chatting. Was odd she had invited me out with her but the other coworkers were all gone so I guess I was the only option. Even though it was only a partial eclipse, it was still pretty cool to see through the special glasses and the clouds made the effect even cooler.

And of course our country is being ripped apart as the whole world watches. And while we kill each other, our president continues his penis measuring contest with North Korea and Russia and pissing off the leaders of the world. Interesting times we live in that’s for sure. And I am still poor and unable to achieve anything in life so nothing new there either.

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