What have I gotten myself in to? I really don’t see myself at this job for very long. Only a few days in and it’s definitely soul crushing, lonely, and back ache inducing and not the type of back ache from a solid day’s labor but from sitting on your ass in a car for 8 to 11 hours straight with maybe only a slight break to fill up a gas tank. Everyone other car testers I see, can’t really say work with as we all drive separately, but they all walk around like they are in pain and waiting to die. This truly is a job of desperation for most I can tell, as it is for me right now. But this is not a healthy environment for me. If I was truly a car person it may be different, or if I didn’t have dreams and life goals which this is really pushing those back even more. I can’t seem to catch a break. To make things even more annoying, I put on my application in the beginning that I’m not available weekends but of course they ignore that and had me work Sunday. Yeah right now I’ll take what I can get but I can’t be having these people taking advantage of me. Also seems that scheduling is done only a day in advance which is really annoying.

First couple nights on the job and my back was screaming at me so I have to use my back brace now and swig down the pain pills. I hate taking pills. For me, anything other than food and drink should not be in my body. I have to have blinding pain before I decide to take something for it. I’m also noticing that I don’t get much time for anything when I’m off the clock since once I get home I may be able to stay awake for a half hour then I zonk out to sleep. Wake up and it’s wash up, get dressed, eat reheated dinner from the previous night, the quickest check of my emails, then out the door to work. So right now it seems I am just working to exist. When will it be my time to live?

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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