Maybe Next Year

Well I know that earlier this year I had planned on getting my YouTube channel up and running full swing but it didn’t seem to happen. A few false starts here and there and the mind numbing negative mind set in as well as well as lack of inspiration or lack of enthusiastic assistance kind of put a weight on things. Granted the vlog thing could have happened, someone had suggested I do a vlog and I almost did it, but I’ve just been so down this year in my mood that it would have been one continuous “woe is me” fest or “I’m so angry at the universe” thing and that’s just not the vibe I want to convey. I know some people say it’s therapeutic to vent and a vlog would be a good way to talk out problems and stuff as many do, but do we really need another one of those channels? No, I want to reflect me and my creativity and maybe throw some opinions out to the internet or show off stuff that’s going on, maybe even be a little entertaining. I like entertaining, don’t get a chance to do it much. So unless YouTube totally botches things, I will get more active on my channel in 2020. Maybe even copy to other video sites just in case

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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