A Thing About Time Travel

Everybody at some point in their lives thinks about time travel. Books have been written, movies made. As much as I too like the idea, I have to wonder if it would really be ideal to travel outside of one’s own timeline. Okay maybe going a little further to the time when your parents were young may be okay but let’s say you’re visiting a more distant past. When you think of technological and medical advances, how healthy would it be to say visit the middle ages before plumbing, toilet paper, clean water, and food prep safety standards. Wouldn’t such an environment be toxic to our comparatively clean bodies born in a world free of the filth caused by the lack of such amenities? Or would our bodies possess some dormant disease that we are immune to infect and wipe out the primitives the way many of the natives of the Americas fell to disease when the Europeans first arrived? One could accidentally erase the great ancient civilizations from which we sprang. Go back far enough and you could potentially wipe out any chance of the human species coming into being. I personally don’t think anyone from the modern era could survive even a century ago since there is no WiFi or mobile phones.

This is not to say that the concept of time travel is any less interesting. I would love to go back to witness history first hand or see a live concert of musicians long dead. Maybe even check out the future if possible, see if we are still here in a hundred years time and if we ever finally stepped on any new planets and breathed alien air. Just some random musing. The stuff stories are made of.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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