Just Don’t

Somebody must have said something to somebody to get it broadcast all over the internet that I despise certain terms that some consider terms of endearment because now I have strangers on the internet contacting me, trying to chat with me, and calling me stuff like “dear” “hun” “sweetie” and so forth. I hate these terms even when uttered by friends and family as they were always used in a condescending way towards me when I was younger causing me to show much restraint in not clobbering the person who utters these words. My grandparents, an aunt or two, cousins, and sometimes even teachers and later on some coworkers would love to “put me in my place” and belittle me and remind me that I was “just a kid and don’t know anything” and would often throw a dear/hun/honey/sweetie in the mix, so it is understandable that I would come to hate being referred to by these words. For me they are not terms of endearment but terms of hatred and trying to exert control. I know these total strangers have no clue about this, but that fact doesn’t make me cringe any less. Also, why the hell are they calling me these things anyways as if they know me? People do this just to annoy me I’m sure.

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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2 Responses to Just Don’t

  1. And babe. You forgot babe *cringes*

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