Strange Strangers

People do not make sense. I’m normally a polite person for the most part. If a stranger says “Hi” to me, I’ll usually say “Hi” back and even engage in a little chitchat. Sometimes I get strangers message me in a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn and the chat will be going okay for the most part, but then all of a sudden they will ask for my hangout information. I legitimately do not have such an app since all communications I do is on a desktop pc. They try and give me the line that it’s more private and conducive to chat on this hangout thing. Excuse me but I always thought direct messengers (DMs) were private which is why they are called direct messengers. I am not going to create yet another social media account on a site I never use just to talk to someone I will probably never talk to again. The direct messengers on the platform we are communicating on right now is sufficient and if it’s not, then why the hell are you contacting me on this platform in the first place?

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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