Where’s the Follow Through?

Why do people never follow through with things they say they will do. Has to be one of the most annoying things about humans. Sometimes them not following through causes me not to follow through with things. But it really is annoying when someone keeps stringing you along saying they will do something but yet they never do it! The most recent started this past spring. Had a mostly online friend get me anticipating the opportunity to work on some projects with him. This has nothing to do with projects I had in the works by the way. I was even willing to help out for just the cost of a little bit of gas money. He seemed so excited to get another person to work with him on some stuff. Of course after the initial conversation, every time it was brought up he would make an excuse as to why he hadn’t started his planning phases yet but was still going to do the mini films he wanted to do and he was always making sure of my availability, which of course at the time my schedule was wide open except for one day in September. Still nothing has been done. He has done other things of course but not the stuff he was wanting my help with. I pretty much got tired of bringing it up. This though was only a minor annoyance but still an annoyance nonetheless. Not like I was going to get paid or anything, but waiting and trying to keep an open schedule just in case can be infuriating.

Sometimes though, the following through of stuff is even more important. Like all those promises my previous employer always made but never followed through. Don’t worry, not getting on that soapbox again, though I’m still steaming over that one and all of my years wasted. Or the times I want to get something done but I have to rely on the help of someone else to get it done as it is impossible to do with just me, myself, and I. Especially annoying when you get all pumped and start putting things in motion but then things come to a screeching halt because the one person you were counting on lending a hand backs out. Or how about starting the act of making love, and just when you’re really into it and feel yourself climaxing, everything stops leaving you very unsatisfied. Then there is the ever-popular events that occur in childhood. Adult says, “We’ll go here” or “We’ll do that” if you’re good or if you do this thing and of course you do the thing they ask and they never follow through with their reward. Adults think children eventually forget that shit but I never did. I remember almost every single instance. I mean at least give me the dreaded “We’ll see” so I know that it will never happen, but don’t give me false hope or teaching me the bad lesson of not bothering to set goals.

The moral of the story is to make good on your words. Always follow through when you tell someone that you are going to do something and don’t give false hope and empty promises.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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