Triple Movie Tuesday

Here’s a rarity for me. Went to the movie theater three times in one day! Me, I’m naturally a night owl, rarely up before 11am unless I have to be as I normally go to bed around 4 or 5am (though lately been even more skewed). This day though I got up bright and early to give my friend a ride back home while his car was getting some maintenance done. We decided that instead of going home, we should get some breakfast and catch an early bird matinee. Upon finding out that our regular theater shows all movies for just $5 all day on Tuesdays, we figured what the hell and decided to see another movie after getting his car back from the shop, and then decided to go for a third time just for the hell of it. For $5 a pop you can’t beat it as regular price is $10 and in some theaters even higher and dollar theaters have become the rarest of finds these days. I actually don’t think there are any more dollar theaters left in my area now. Anyways, We made it a true October / Halloween style theme and viewed IT Chapter Two, Joker, and The Addams Family. So here are my takes on these films:

First we have IT Chapter Two. I have to say it was pretty average and didn’t “WOW” me. The kids of the “Loser’s Club” from the first movie are all grown up now, 27 years after the the events of the first movie, and gather again in their home town of Derry to face off against the evil Pennywise who has returned to terrorize the town once again.  A lot of the scares were a bit predictable and some scenes dragged on a bit too long, slowing the story down a bit. There is also a bit of an overload on the CGI. Overall it has the same feel as the first film so no notches have been kicked up and it could have been a half hour shorter. I give it a 7 out of 10. Watchable, but nothing groundbreaking.

Joker I think I would give a solid 9 out of 10. Joaquin Phoenix puts his heart and soul into bringing his character to life in this origin story of one of Batman’s most famous villains. The Joker’s true origin has always been a bit murky, constantly changing ever since his introduction back in 1940, so the writers were given free range pretty much with this one. Some elements kept in while others totally thrown out. Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a troubled and mentally unstable man who had dreams of being a comedian being pushed over the edge, inadvertently becoming a symbol, and finally morphing into the Joker. Delightfully disturbing and quite violent. Not one for the kiddies or those who may be triggered by such graphic content.

The last movie, The Addams Family, left me a bit disappointed. This film is an animated version of the cartoons by Charles Addams that centered on a strange and peculiar family which had spawned a hit tv series back in the 1960s and a couple of movies in the 1990s. I found the plot to be paper thin and the comedy was just not there for me. I feel this movie is geared more towards children than the “all ages” bracket. I was a bit bored but children may get a kick out of it as well as benefit from the message of acceptance and family bonds. 6.5 out of 10 for me.

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