Money Over Health

Years ago there was a lot of talk about the amount of sugar in many of the foods we buy, even so-called health foods. Looking at the labels of many breakfast cereals, you’re better off just giving your kids milk and cookies before sending them off to school. After so much shouting from watchdog groups and health professionals, companies were supposedly going to start making their stuff healthier and not create so many cereals laden with enough sugar to negate any health benefits their product would have had normally. Well the only adjustments they really made to their existing products was to shrink the boxes and serving sizes. I’ve also noticed how many more varieties of breakfast “candy in a box” have been popping up on the store shelves. Hostess Donettes, Ice Cream Cones, and Reese’s cereals? Really people? Just eat some powdered doughnuts and Reese’s Cups I mean there’s really no difference. There are more sugar packed cereal boxes on the market now than I ever remembered there being as a kid, but yet the companies don’t care because people will still buy and that’s what it really comes down to. Money.

Personally I really don’t care as I never was a big kiddie cereal fan, even as a kid. Could not stand the crap with marshmallows, and some had textures that would literally make me gag. Frosted Mini Wheats and Raisin Bran is probably as sugary as I ever go, anything else I will add my own sugar to if need be. So yeah, this isn’t really a gripe because I think people should eat whatever the heck they want, just a casual observation.


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