A friend of mine paid me a visit last night. A rare treat to get someone actually coming round to hang out. It’s been awhile. A good night of music, movies, pizza, and a bit of the paranormal. My friend tuned up my old guitar for me. Being a musician, he was able to do it right despite the neck being slightly warped and showed me how to play it a bit. I’ve strummed it a bit every so often but I’ve never actually played it properly. The guitar was given to me after one of my uncles had passed away. Still a long ways away from knowing how to play it of course but now that it’s properly tuned I can practice a bit.

After mucking about with the guitar and chatting, we decided to go grab a pizza and then watch “Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. How appropriate to be eating pizza. The movie is actually pretty good and not at all as silly as it sounds. If you’re a fan of animated Batman films, I recommend giving this one a watch. I enjoy animated Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were one of the staple cartoons from my childhood so took a chance and it paid off. Not keen on the design of the TMNT but only because I grew up with the ones from the 1980s. The ones in this film are the Nickelodeon versions so the look is slightly different but the personalities are definitely classic TMNT. It’s your typical good guys vs. bad guys bent on world destruction story so if that’s your thing, then check it out. This movie is not for small children though, can be quite scary and violent in some scenes. After that we watched “The Killing Joke”, another animated Batman movie that I had watched once before.

Once the movies were over, my friend brought out his special “ghost camera”. This is one of those types of cameras they use on those ghost hunting shows with the night vision and special sensors that pick up anomalies such as orbs and portals and other signs of residual energy. Turns out my house is quite active and I have at least three entities sharing my living space. I’ve always felt that there was another presence around me, but now it is confirmed. It’s easy to be skeptical when seeing videos on tv since we all know things can be faked on tv, but it’s totally different when you have the camera in your own hands and seeing it with your own eyes the little energy orbs zipping about. Apparently I had one really clinging to me for a bit and digging the guitar. Some people would freak out at having spirits / ghosts/ otherworldly beings / whatever, living with them but I think it’s cool. They’ve never been malevolent, they’re just here sharing my space. Hell maybe one is my cat that passed away a few years ago. It was a fun experience and a fun night, must do it again some time.

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