Another Story About Toys

“Toy Story 4” is one of them sequels that was totally unnecessary but was still enjoyable to watch. If you liked the first three, then I think you may like the fourth. I do have a couple gripes though. First off, all of the main toys aside from Woody were terribly underused unlike the other installments where everything pretty much involved the whole team. The themes seemed to be retreads of the themes in the preceding films. Also, a couple of the new characters who were okay at first got really annoying as time went on like jokes being ran into the ground. No real villain in this either, just more of an obstacle course. Gripes aside though, it is a fun movie. The visuals however were pretty awesome and if you do a side by side comparison to the first two films, you can really see how far Disney/Pixar has come with their computer animation technology. I mean some of the stuff look like real objects. 7.5 out of 10

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