Totally Not the Platform!

For a little while now I have been on the professional networking sites Stage 32 and LinkedIn. Both sites are meant to make connections of a professional nature which I hope could lead to a job or at least someone pointing me into the direction of a job hopefully within my fields of interest. Neither one has given me any good leads yet but I am still hopeful.

Anyways, the past month or so have been really weird on LinkedIn. Instead of getting proper business connections, I have been getting people looking for a hookup. At first when they request connection, it looks all innocent. Sometimes the person wants to strike up a friendly conversation which I have no problem with as I’d like to think I am a friendly person. Then I get one guy saying he would love to chat and get to know me more as long as I am single. WTF??? Another wanting to physically meet up and asks me for my phone number after only talking to me for an hour on the LinkedIn chat. And then another guy sends me a long, drawn out story of how he is “a sixth seven years old widower” (I’m assuming 67 which would be the age of my father if he was still alive) deployed in Afghanistan (at 67?) and goes through this whole laundry list of qualities, what he’s looking for in a partner, and that he’s new to the online dating scene and looking for a relationship. Okay, when did LinkedIn become an online dating site? On my LinkedIn profile, which only contains my resume and professional attributes that would hopefully catch the attention of prospective employers, where the heck does it say I’m single and looking? What about my businesslike looking head shot says I want a hookup? I’ve scoured my whole profile and could not find anything alluding to my personal life and marital status. For my age one would have to actually do the math on my work history and they still may not get it right. This last one I did at least respond to him since he seemed nice and let him down easy, apologizing if he got the wrong impression from me being polite in our initial chat. Haven’t heard from him since.

For the record I never give anything personal away in my initial chats either, especially when things are supposedly professional. I mean if you’re actually looking to hire me or at least have a professional collaboration, all you would need to know about me should be on my resume which is right there on my profile right? I’m all for making friends since I really don’t have that many. Also, I was always taught that making the right connections might lead to opportunities. But really, most people on these professional sites are not thinking about dating when they are browsing these networking sites. Looking for a job and professional connections, not romantic entanglement with some stranger on the internet. This really makes me apprehensive about the next person making a connection request.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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