Interesting Day

A bit of a weird but fun day today. Today was a friend’s birthday so he felt like going and doing something. Unfortunately still being unemployed, I do not have such a luxury but he still wanted to do stuff so sprung for me. First went down to the Toledo Zoo. As it is still early in the season, many animals were not out and about and the crowd was pretty non-existent but was still a good walk and got a few animal pics. Being so early in the season they also close as 4pm, so we did not get to spend more than 3 hours or so there. Afterwards, we still didn’t feel like going back home as it was early in the day. My friend is a baseball fan and the Mud Hens happened to be playing. Despite it being a bit chilly and damp, we still went and enjoyed a bit of baseball right down by home plate in the first row. The nice cap off to the day was what happened next. As we were getting up from our seats after the game ended, my friend spotted a wallet laying on the ground. The section we sat was very sparsely populated but did get the occasional browser so could have been anyone’s wallet. We took the wallet up to the guest services kiosk then friend went to the restroom. While waiting I notice someone intently looking to the ground in the section we sat. Yelled over to the person to ask if they had lost something, she told me her wallet, so after she described it I directed her to where we had taken it. She picked it up and was so grateful and overjoyed she started hugging me and my friend. Sometimes knowing you helped someone can feel good.

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