Ruining the Moment

For some people, watching horror films or spooky stories on television is fun. For unexplained reasons, many of us love the rush of the “safe scare” that movies, tv, and books provide. We know these stories aren’t real yet for the brief moments as we delve into our chosen form of entertainment, our brains get drawn into the moment and we like it.

Sometimes when I finish my work early, I’ll sit in my office and watch a bit of tv. A bit of a perk of working in local television. One show I enjoy watching is called “Ghost Adventures”, a show about paranormal investigators investigating haunted places and documenting their findings. I personally do believe in the paranormal though televised encounters I take with many grains of salt. Anyone who has ever watched film or television knows that things can be rigged to appear real, that’s showbiz. To me the show is still fun to watch for the most part. Whether or not you believe is not the point here though, the reason for this post is coming up in the next paragraph and is quite amusing.

This year “Ghost Adventures” had a live Halloween special, complete with social media interactions. Yeah, from the get go, the show fails to get you in the spooky story mood as they keep breaking to commercials every five minutes. Already a bad start. As the show progressed, one could hear background voices. No, these were not voices from beyond but the sounds of the production crew. This is supposed to be a production done by professionals yet nobody could hear the crew’s background chatter and cues to talent? Having worked in television, I know the sounds of a studio control room all too well. Apparently though the people on social media for the show do not as they thought they were actually hearing spirits. Yeah, ghosts are really going to  shout, “Going to commercial in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” I only tried to watch the show for about an hour before heading home but that had me laughing all night. I know goofs happen during live shows but some are just too elementary.

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