Alien Invasion or Comic Book Movie? Or Both?

After seeing such mixed reviews, many negative, I was originally on the fence about seeing Venom. And I don’t mean just negatives from the “professional critics” but from the average public as well. I very rarely go by what the professionals say anyways. It was surprisingly quite entertaining. Not quite to the actual origin but for that they would have had to make it a Spider-Man movie. After a numbingly slow first 45 minutes, the movie finally kicks into gear. Be patient with the first part of the movie because once the Venom symbiote finally bonds to Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, that’s when the fun begins. To me this movie felt more like an alien invasion story than an adaptation of one of Marvel’s more famous anti-heroes, but it was still entertaining and left me wanting a sequel as long as they don’t bog it down with unnecessary scenes as they did in the beginning of this movie. Not “OMG BEST EVER!” but still fun once it gets going. Would like to see where they take Venom in the future.

7.5 out of 10

Also note that there are 2 mid credit sequences in this film. Don’t just get up and walk out at the first fade to black.

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