August Uneventful

WOW! Been a whole month since I blogged! Someone smack me upside the head. Truth be told though, August was hot and uneventful. Still in the same boring and overpriced place without any climate control making things a lot more miserable. Didn’t think it possible but it’s hotter than Benedict Cumberbatch in my house during the summer. Nothing like drying off after you shower only to still be wet and sticky and to try to put your clothes on while wet and sticky, not to mention ruining all your shirts with unsightly sweat stains. And trying to make your hair look nice? HA! And it sucks when you want to do stuff but the heat drains you of your will or power to lift even a finger.

Did manage to visit some old friends on the 18th over in Fowlerville, MI. We don’t all get to meet up much anymore so for the past few years we do one big meetup there. Kinda sucks though as it feels like I’ve really lost touch with them. They don’t feel like my people really. Another one of those instances where I feel alone in a crowded room. They’re good people, don’t get me wrong, known most of them for over 20 years, but it’s just the feeling of having drifted apart I guess. Not sure of a better way to explain it. Sure sometimes I can briefly add to conversations but for the most part, I just sit around for hours listening to them jabbering on about stuff. Oh well.

On the 19th I shot some video with another buddy of mine for his show. We went to Cobo Hall in Detroit for the Michigan Comic Con. Hung out in the lobby and got loads of good footage. Even got some guys in old fashion armor fighting with swords after the con. That was fun.

That was pretty much it though. And I think I’m finally just about getting bored with the Elvenar game. Was one of them time waster style games anyways. Was fun when I started but now it’s just “meh!” Which is fine I guess, means I can eventually go back to my nightly meditating or something.

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