No, Not Creepy at All

This could just be a simple case of someone being overly friendly, some people have no problems striking up conversations with strangers not realizing how they come off to a person, but this is kind of creepy territory. This new guy that comes in to clean the offices where I work has me a little uneasy. I don’t mind the occasional “Hi, how’s it going?” or “How about this weather we’re having?” type of talk with the people who come in to clean (if you could call it that because lately they don’t) but this guy, who hasn’t been working for more than two weeks decides to take things further by sitting on the other side of my desk while I am working and starts chatting. And it’s not the normal chit chat you get from people you only know for a couple of hours over the course of two weeks, this is internet troll type questions. “What do you like to do for fun?” “Do you like to drink?” “Do you have any kids?” “Do you want to have kids?” Also he keeps calling me “Baby girl”, which really grates on my nerves but I try to stay professional and not lash out. I try to subtly signal to him that I am a bit busy as well as giving vague one word answers, yet he still yammers on for a half hour (yes I timed it). To up the creepy factor, I am usually one of only two people working in the building at that time of night. He has apparently creeped out the other female worker who works Wednesday nights. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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4 Responses to No, Not Creepy at All

  1. K. A. Bryce says:

    I guess you could always tell him to stop it, but it does sound creepy.I’d at least let your employer know about how you see it. Not doing anything is just giving the guy license to continue and perhaps thinking he’s making a connection–now that would be creepy…Smiles>KB

    • DarkPhoenix says:

      me and the other female night time worker did mention it to our supervisor and he sent an email out to the guy in charge of the cleaning people and the guy apparently got a talking to and this week the guy’s tune changed a bit. Still keeping an eye on the guy though.

  2. EJ Jackson says:

    I think everyone probably knows (or has known) someone like that! But you can’t be too careful! Hopefully he is just someone who can’t read body language…

    • DarkPhoenix says:

      Yeah better safe than sorry. Some people genuinely don’t realize how they sound to others but then there are some who know exactly what they’re doing. Don’t want to take that chance when I’m the only one in the building or one of two and the other person is in a room down the hall.

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