Someone Needs to Learn About Sub-folders!

Okay, I went to see my mom, sister, niece, and nephews this weekend. I should visit more often but the distance and the price of gas these days makes it difficult sometimes. I really do wish I wasn’t always the one doing the visiting though. Doesn’t matter who it is, I always end up having to visit them instead of them coming to see me. Anyways, toward the end of the evening, the niece and 3 of the nephews were with me up in my mom’s room. Mom and sis can’t get around like they used to so sis stays down on the main floor and my mom mostly stays up in her room, so when I go visiting I go back and forth in between playing with some of the kids. The soon to be 18 year old stays in his room too unless he needs the bathroom or food. Surprisingly enough the two middle boys were still hanging with auntie, they usually just greet me with big hugs when I come, maybe chat for a few minutes, and then go on doing whatever tickles their fancy at the moment (usually video games) and the youngest boy and the niece will hang with me almost all night.

So four little monkeys sitting on my mom’s bed with me while my mom sits in her chair by her desk. The kids briefly turn their attention to a video one of the boys calls up on his tablet. My mom starts chatting with me about one of her buddies and wants to show me a picture of him on her tablet. She calls up a picture and then starts to turn the tablet so I could see. As she turns the screen, the picture changes to a penis pic! “OH MY GOD MOM! THE CHILDREN!!!” I exclaim. I quickly looked to the kids, luckily they were preoccupied so don’t think they saw anything. My mom turned the screen back around and I never saw her face so red with embarrassment. After a moment I had to burst out laughing and kept laughing for like five minutes or so. Not something you expect to happen.


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