What a Way to Start the Week

Some days are just not worth getting out of bed for. Over the weekend, had a bit of an ice storm that knocked power out in some areas. Many traffic lights out. All traffic lights are supposed to be treated as stops when they are not working. I’m on my way to work, driving very carefully and keeping my eye out for jackasses on the road. I pass by some of the toughest intersections on my route, some of which are dangerous even when the lights are working. I get to the road I need to make a left turn onto to get to the street my office is on. I stop like I’m supposed to and wait for the cross traffic to stop. Cross traffic stops which means my turn to cross. As I am crossing the intersection, this one guy decides to proceed before I am even clear and slams into me. Luckily nothing major but we both go into the gas station parking lot and look over our cars. My car only had a bit of paint rub and the bit of paint being held on by the rust around my gas tank area fell off. Hey, it’s a 15 year old car and I’m poor. The man who hit me doesn’t even come over to see if I’m okay and when I went over to him, he did not even apologize and barely looked at me. There was hardly any damage to his car either but he called the cops anyways so I stuck around. When the police came, did the customary things one does in these situations as well as tell the officer my side of things. The guy was trying to make it out like I was in the wrong. I hope karma bit him good and gave him a ticket. What an asshole!


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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