Fish Tale

About two weeks ago, a coworker asked if I would watch her young daughter’s goldfish while the family went on vacation. I said okay, not a big deal it’s only a fish. A couple days later, coworker brings the goldfish into the office. She had the poor thing in a ziploc bag in a flower vase. I did not realize until the end of the day after she had left that the ziploc bag was sealed! In her defense though, this woman has never owned a pet in her life. The fish was looking a bit lethargic. I opened the bag hoping that it was not too late. I’m thinking this woman just killed the fish she wanted me to look after. I tried transferring the bag with water into a slightly larger vase so the little dear would have some swim room. Then of course it began to lay on its side. Just great! After a few minutes it started to right itself and looked like it might be on the mend.

Took it home with me and sat it on the kitchen counter then went to buy some much needed shoes. Returned a few hours later to find that Mr. Flippers had croaked. Called coworker to break the bad news. Although it was technically her fault, I offered to get her a new one so that her daughter would never know. When coworker came back, I went and got a new fish that looked very close to the original. The child is only 6, she’s not going to notice every minute detail. On the way to work, had the fish in the vase between my legs. Had no issues whatsoever until I got into the parking lot at work and then of course hit a couple bumps causing some water to splash and cause me to look as if I peed myself. For future reference, never drive with a fish bowl between your legs.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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