Not How to Sell it

Lately I have been trying to find cheaper accommodations in my area. Can’t really afford to move out of state just yet still, but would like to find a cheaper place so I can try to save some money. With rising costs of auto and medical insurance and everything else it is just hard to get anywhere. I would really love to not be paycheck to paycheck. That and I really need a change in my surroundings. I feel like a flower forced to wilt in a tiny bud vase instead of blooming to my full and beautiful potential. Anyways, I’ve been perusing various websites for homes to rent periodically and so far have come up empty in regards to affordable places within a reasonable distance from where I work. Some places that would be in my price range are in not so desirable areas. I had to laugh at some listings though. When you are listing a home or apartment for rent, it does you no favors to post pictures of the property with boarded up windows and a totally unkempt. I know some people BUY fixer-uppers, but nobody rents a fixer-upper or something that looks like it’s about to fall apart. You don’t entice potential tenants if the place looks like it’s been abandoned. Not the way to sell it people.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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