The Last Jedi

WOW! I just noticed I have not posted all month! I usually do at least 3 or 4, sorry about that. Big December post coming soon, although not too big as not much happened.

Anyways, caught “The Last Jedi” this week and I must admit I was not wowed. That’s not to say that I did not enjoy the movie, I did like it, but as with “The Force Awakens” it felt a bit recycled. This entry also didn’t have that “Star Wars” soul which the previous film at least had despite being an updated copy of “A New Hope”. Someone had told me before seeing this film that it was a great movie, just not a great “Star Wars” movie, and I hate to say that I must agree. Aside from the Luke and Rey scenes which I thought were well done and had potential, everything else felt hollow and meaningless which is not good when you’re telling a story as massive as “Star Wars”. Kylo Ren still has no real presence in the story as the antagonist either. I’d be more afraid of running into Dark Helmet from “Spaceballs” than Kylo Ren, although he did finally start to show potential in his final scene but I like my villains to be bad from the start. And yes, while not quite as rehashy as “The Force Awakens”, there are many elements in this film that you can point to and say, “This is just like that scene in (insert SW episode here) and this and that is going to happen.”

I still recommend seeing “The Last Jedi” as it is still a fun adventure, just don’t expect anything groundbreaking. 7 out of 10.


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