It Won’t Go Away!

Ever have a song haunt you for a couple of days? Sometimes it’s not even a currently popular song. Sometimes just a lone one hit wonder from your past. It can drive a girl bonkers sometimes. At work, many times I listen to the music choice channels at my desk. Music helps keep me somewhat focused on my task. I have a channel I normally listen to, but sometimes they start to get overly repetitive and I need to change the station for a bit. Yesterday I turned to a channel that plays songs from the past three decades. “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground popped on, a popular one hit wonder from my school days. Weird but catchy song. Anyways, after a few hours, the music looped back around and just before leaving for the day, that song came on again. Not giving it much thought, later that evening on Twitter somebody was spouting out the lyrics for some unknown reason making it an odd coincidence in itself since I just heard this obscure but once famous song from the early 1990s twice in one day. This morning I wake up with the damn song in my head on a freakin’ loop. So very annoying. I get to work, turn on the music choice, and there it is. I decide to turn on one of the MTV channels that actually play music videos, and there it is again! So screw it I turned it to whatever channel was playing Kitchen Nightmares for the afternoon. I guess it could be worse though, could have been The Irish Rovers’ “Unicorn Song”.


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