Creepy Clown

Caught a matinee of the movie “It”, based upon the Stephen King novel of the same name. It’s about a group of bullied schoolkids in a small Maine town getting grips on their fears as they come together to combat an evil taking the form of a clown and feeding on the town’s children. I went in to this movie not having read the book and having only a vague recollection of the tv miniseries from the 1990s. While not exactly a masterpiece of horror film making, “It” is still worth a watch. A bit slow in some spots so patience is needed, and some elements to the story do not really make much sense (oblivious or uncaring adults and scene with head bully and his dad for two). The scenes with Pennywise were pretty awesome. Bill Skarsgård was exceptionally creepy as the killer clown, great performance. The movie has a moderately high creepy factor and some good jump scares but nothing to really make you mess yourself.

Score 7 out of 10


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