Who Wants to Live Forever?

I recently heard on the radio and saw some news articles online about scientists looking into prolonging life long past currently held records. Having people live to 150 or perhaps longer will no longer be stuff of science fiction. I find this troubling. Not to sound cruel, and I know nobody ever wants to see a loved one die even of natural old age, but I believe death to be nature’s way of controlling the population of a species. Unless they find a way to stop skin, organ, and bone decay, the human body could not really last beyond 110 and even that age is extremely rare right now. Human skin starts to show a bit of wear by your 30s, which is why there are so many skincare products on the market. Bones start to get a bit more brittle once you’re in your 50s or 60s. If they overcome those hurdles, you still have to worry about people needing to stay in the workforce longer in order to survive in today’s money driven society which means the younger generations will have that much more difficulty in finding jobs. Our society is also quite ageist. You think it is hard to get a job at 35, try getting one at 65. This leads into the problem of population and resources. We have not reached (and probably never will) the technological knowhow to colonize other worlds. We only have one planet that we are already bleeding dry and polluting to the point of no return. Longer lives will only mean more people and not enough places for them to live comfortably and resources will be bare minimum. Think the movie Soylent Green, or the Star Trek episode The Mark of Gideon, or a host of other science fiction stories about dystopian futures. Do we really want to go down that road? I would be happy with 100 as long as I was healthy and active and not a burden on society. I think we need to cure society of its dependency on wealth and profit first. Humans would be happier if they just lived instead of worrying about how they are going to live. Maybe I’m wrong in my thinking, maybe I’m right, who knows.


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