Big August Post to Cover Things All at Once

Hi guys! August, just like pretty much the whole summer, has been way too slow to really post more than once a week if that. Hate doing that to you but sometimes nothing noteworthy goes on and sit in a 90 degree house barely able to do anything as you’re so drained from the heat. Another reason I want to leave this boring place, way too hot and humid with no climate control on top of the drab trappings and the sheer minute size of it. I hate being too hot and drained to do anything, not a good feeling.

Anyways, not much went on this month. Had to go see my doctor for my 3 month checkup just to get more refills on my prescriptions. I remember when it was only every 6 months but now I have to go and see her every 3 for some reason. Probably just to get more money out of me and more body shaming. I’m only 20 pounds overweight and have been consistently this weight for some time. I have been battling the same 20 pounds for the last 25 years. Whenever I make headway it comes back even though I have drastically changed my diet over the years and have been trying to exercise more especially since my job forces me to sit a bit more which I hate with a passion. It used to be quite mobile but as the company keeps changing its focus from having our department be all about making tv shows to just making money for them by catering to corporate suits, it’s not as action packed as it used to be. Would love to get out of it but not many people hiring in my field in my area. But anyways, yeah the job doesn’t allow for much weight loss. I think I’m doing pretty good though considering the meds I take. I think my doctor though wants me to develop an eating disorder because she tells me to eat less even though I’m barely eating as it is. And she thinks I have scoliosis without even examining my back when I told her about the back pain that started back in June. I don’t have scoliosis you dumb bitch, if I did I wouldn’t be able to put the backs of my knees to my ears when I’m doing my stretches. Maybe she should look into that eh? She loves blanket answers instead of listening to what the patient is saying and try to help from there. The only reason why I ever started seeing her in the first place was that she took over for the person that took over the practice from my original doctor who I had since birth and I was also moving around so much in the 90s and early 2000s that it didn’t make sense to keep changing docs, especially when I did not know where I would be next, and truth be told I thought I would be far, far away from where I am now by this time. When you have to put everything on hold, everything goes on hold. I swear though I often wonder where exactly my doctor got her degree from, a cereal box perhaps?

The much hyped eclipse happened on the 21st. Only had an 80% eclipse here in the Detroit area so we didn’t get the totally awesome night time in the middle of day effect that those in the path of totality got. Saw that on tv and it was pretty cool. I really can’t believe that there are people who travel from hundreds of miles away just to see a thing that is over with in a matter of minutes but some do. I guess the population of Wyoming about tripled that day. I did go outside with a coworker during the partial eclipse to check it out with some eclipse glasses we shared that another coworker had given us as we stood outside chatting. Was odd she had invited me out with her but the other coworkers were all gone so I guess I was the only option. Even though it was only a partial eclipse, it was still pretty cool to see through the special glasses and the clouds made the effect even cooler.

And of course our country is being ripped apart as the whole world watches. And while we kill each other, our president continues his penis measuring contest with North Korea and Russia and pissing off the leaders of the world. Interesting times we live in that’s for sure. And I am still poor and unable to achieve anything in life so nothing new there either.


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