In This Instance, It Might Work

I’m normally among the first people to scream, “Hands off of my heroes” when I see a beloved, well established character get a total gender or origin change due to pressure from the social justice warriors of the world. I am not against diversity, I want diversity. We need more heroes who are not all white guys. But instead of changing well established characters, people should be making brand new characters. Political correctness has its place but I think it gets carried too far sometimes. Nobody would dream of changing Wonder Woman or The Black Panther who have been around since my grandparents’ days, yet they will change other heroes who have been around just as long just because they have lost their creative mojo and can’t think of anything new.

The announcement of the newest incarnation of Doctor Who seems to have people in an uproar. At first I too did not want my beloved Time Lord to have a sex change. Why are they caving into this latest craze? But then I thought, “It could work this time.” This is the story of an alien who travels through time and space and who can change their body into a completely different one when they are damaged. Already a far fetched enough concept which probably helped save the show back in the 1960s when they had to change actors for the first time. If this alien could change form, why not into the form of a woman? If written properly, they could pull it off. The show has been going on for an awfully long time and change is what has been keeping it fresh for all these generations.

I say in this instance fans should keep with the spirit of the show and embrace the change, give it a chance. Sadly it is happening in the time of political correctness running rampant needlessly and hopefully they are not doing it for P.C. sake. Let us not be so negative until we see what they do. It is normal to be uneasy when a new actor takes the helm but then after a while many wonder why they ever doubted and embrace the new guy. I’m genuinely curious to see where they take it and hope this new actor totally nails the part. Too many people are knocking it before they even see it. Give it a chance, they might surprise you. I for one will reserve my judgement until I see a few episodes first.


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