Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Too

It took a while, but Wonder Woman has finally made it to the big screen. Despite being around comic book land for nearly as long as Superman and Batman, who have had countless tv and movie adaptations since their beginnings, America’s favorite Amazon princess has never quite made it past a live action television show from the 1970s and a couple of cartoon incarnations. Yes I know, another superhero movie in a long line of superhero movies that seem to be everywhere these days, but I like a well made superhero movie and this one fits the bill.

As with most origin stories, it starts off a bit slow but then really begins to build until finally exploding in a grand finale of action. I believe that director Patty Jenkins has proven that women can do superheroes just as good as any man. Definitely worth a watch if you like comic book based movies. I give this one an 8 out of 10. Solid action sequences, good directing, good set and costume design, could use a little bit more character development but origin stories are tricky as you don’t want to bog them down too much, and they do throw in a few pieces that allude to the bigger DC universe that is forming as they compete with the successful Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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