Never Thought I’d See the Day

Me and my insatiable curiosity! Never thought I would catch myself reading what I have been reading lately and actually enjoying it after seeing the movie version and thinking that that was a steamy pile of crap and an embarrassment to filmmaking.

A few months ago my sister gave me her Nook, which holds a good amount of books on it that I am not to delete. My sister likes a lot of romance novels so of course has them on the Nook. Among her library is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. After seeing the movie, I really didn’t have much interest in the books thinking that they would be just as bad. Well one night while chatting with a coworker about random stuff, we got onto the subject of books and somehow started talking about this little series of books. She urged me to give it a try, as it is nothing like the movie and actually has a plot.

Eventually, curiosity got the better of me so I gave Fifty Shades of Grey a chance. What the hell, it’s free right? Not like I paid money for it. While it will never win any literature awards and it looks like it was written by an amateur who happened to get lucky and make money off of it, it is actually not that bad of a story really. I was shocked. The second book even has an element of adventure, darkness, and intrigue which I like. Not everyone’s cup of tea of course. Still a bit unrealistically heavy on the sex, but at least there is a frikkin’ plot and reason to the thing. As in any book to movie adaptation, the book always has so much more.


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