Need Something to Say

May was a real slow month for blogging. Seems to be a trend for Mays as I look through my archives. Last couple of weeks have been totally uneventful, except perhaps the 21st when I went to see “Spamalot” performed by a theatre troupe in Farmington Hills, MI. And then the other day I actually saw a man not having a problem buying a pack of feminine napkins for the lady in his life, something not many men feel comfortable doing. Anyways, hopefully June turns out to be a more blogworthy month. Time to change my desktop wallpaper. Wish I could change the color of the walls in my house like I do my computer wallpaper. I swear the next house I move in to is NOT going to have one single pale green wall. The color is driving me bananas and since my house is a rental, I cannot just repaint. I am so done with this place, everything is always the same looking and I can’t stand it. lol


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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