Did I Make You Feel Awkward?

The look on the poor woman’s face, like she had nowhere to go. The lady at the front counter at the place I got my car fixed wished me a happy Mother’s Day this weekend. I tell her that sadly I am not a mother, only an auntie. A bit of an awkward pause. She then asked if I had pets, as fur-babies count. Had to tell her once again that I sadly have no children, not even the furry variety. More awkward pause as if thinking, “What do I say now?” Yeah sometimes it’s just safest to not say anything unless you know the person or their situation. Sorta reminds me of an episode of a game show I used to watch where the host asks a young gentleman if he had gotten anything nice for Christmas and the lad had to tell the host no because he was Jewish. Awkward magnified since that was on national tv. Never assume as it can sometimes be painful or, in extreme cases, start wars.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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