Just Let Me Drop

If I ever have a moment where I need emergency medical attention and need to be taken to the emergency room, just let me drop dead please, it will be cheaper. A few months ago, somebody I know had a pain so great that he thought he was having a heart attack. The pain was also accompanied by numbness and tingling in his arm and hand shooting right up through to his chest. Right when he got done with work, he drove himself (yeah I know, bad idea if you think you’re having a heart attack) to the emergency room. They did the usual testing and scanning and thankfully it was not a heart attack and just a bad case of tendinitis.

Anyways, he gets the bill from the hospital and it’s well over $650. He starts to freak out because he never heard anything from his insurance company. Of course he only checks his emails like every 3 months so of course he didn’t see anything. He finds the emailed invoice from his insurance company and they did indeed cover the visit and that $650+ bill was the portion he had to pay, but the total cost of the visit was actually near $2,500. YIKES!!! Just for a chest x-ray and whatever lab work needed doing! They really love taking advantage of emergency no-choice situations don’t they? Well there goes his tax return money he was going to use on some much needed car repairs. Glad he didn’t order up an ambulance, those cost even more.

So yeah, in case of emergency, just let me drop. It’s just not worth it.


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