Still So Tempted

I was close, almost did it. I was in the store and held a package of hair dye, contemplating purchase. I love my naturally luscious chocolate curls but have often contemplated going for a deep shade of red or purple for the hell of it for ages. I think it would be fun. Only problems though I think I would have is the fact that I do wash my hair every day so would it last all that long, having never touched hair dye would it damage my lovely natural curls, and of course there is price as you would not want to use cheap stuff and it actually ruin your hair. Another factor that has cropped up in recent years would be my sensitive follicles. A few years ago, my doctor briefly changed the dosage on the medication I have been taking since I was 14 and it caused hair loss and sensitivity. My head constantly felt like it was literally on fire and I could barely touch my hair without pain. She of course changed the dosage back but the damage had been done. My hair is thinner, luckily no bald spots though, grows very slowly (haven’t cut my hair in about 5 years and you would never know it), and I can no longer hold my hair back in a ponytail for more than a couple hours. I always took pride in my hair and legs as those were always my best looking attributes. So with all those thoughts in the back of my head, I always hesitate trying a new color, but I get oh so tempted. I think I could rock the purple or red look quite well if the cheap Halloween hair sprays are any indication.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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