Sometimes You Want to Slap Them

This may be too personal of information, I’m not sure, but I just got to get my frustration out somehow.

Let’s be clear, I am not into abusing anyone physically or mentally, but sometimes I just want to slap some sense into my mother. Again I would never actually do this. I love my mum to bits despite her faults, but sometimes it’s the child’s turn to give advice to the parent. Sucky thing is, they don’t want to listen even when it’s good advice. Right now she’s getting a double whammy because she has refused to listen to both my sister and myself and I’m not really sure what to do about it because it’s like talking to a frikkin’ wall.

First one involves her health. She is no spring chicken. She is in constant pain and can barely move. Of course this leads to her obesity even though she does not eat a lot. She also has had diabetes for at least 20 years now I think. We have been telling her for years now since she moved in with my sister that she cannot remain a sedentary hermit because that will stiffen the joints and weaken the muscles and make the pain worse. For a little while she was doing fine but now all she does is stay in her room where the only exercise she gets is walking to the bathroom. And now it’s gotten so bad that she can barely move. It really hurts me to see her this way. It’s like she has totally given up on everything since my dad died back in 2011.

Secondly, and this I have warned her against ever since she started to dabble with the internet, she sent some money to an online friend she has only known for a few months. This guy, whose story I don’t believe for an instance, is supposedly originally from the U.S. but lives in France but travels the world building things. In classic take-advantage-of-a-lonely-old-widow move, he declares his love for my mother and says that there is no other and blah blah blah. He tells her he is in desperate need of a couple hundred bucks for some building materials for one of his jobs, she sends him some. *MEGA FACEPALM* Hello mom, he travels around the world doing his job, he can afford it. Not long after, he calls and tells my mom that he needs money to get back to the States to visit his son in the hospital. My brother in law and I told her she better not even think about it, that this sounds awfully fishy. She told the guy no, he begs but she keeps telling him no. I’m scared that no may turn to yes eventually, which is bad considering my mother is on a very fixed and limited income. She’s poor and living on whatever the government allows her, which is not a lot.

Sometimes I just…I don’t know. I know I have my own issues and don’t need her issues being added to mine but it gets a bit hard to not let it get to you when it’s your own parent who you happen to care about. She’s always been a bit naive I suppose, combined with her father’s stubbornness. Think I’ll go bury my face into a pillow and just scream my bloody head off. Yay, a bit more stress for me…LOVELY! Think I may end up going into an early grave even if I don’t do it myself.


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