Science Experiment in the Hallway

Remember dear readers the post last week about the chatty cleaning person subbing for the regular lady at work? Well I’m not sure if he is going to last long. Last week Wednesday, I cleared out the spare fridge in one of the building’s hallways. There was leftover food from like a month ago still in there which was about to evolve into a life form all its own therefore needing to be tossed. There is a big trash can next to this fridge which is where I threw out all of this old crap before it decided to mount an attack. I happened to look into the trash can this evening as I went to that fridge, and luckily I have a somewhat weak sense of smell since the food I threw out last week was still sitting in the can in a mildly warm hallway. Yeah, this is another of those moments of EWW! This isn’t the only show of incompetence but definitely the grossest. Time to complain to his supervisors.


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