Don’t You Have Work to Do?

I love a good chat just as much as anyone else. As I don’t get too much human interaction, I admit I can be quite the chatterbox when I do actually get the chance to interact with someone, but this really takes the cake. The regular cleaning person for my workplace has been out sick apparently, so another person has been filling in for her. He comes in and starts his routine just as I had finished rinsing out my soup bowl and returned to my desk where I turned on an interesting documentary on ancient Egypt to listen to as I finished hammering out the channel schedule. I had also planned on shooting some video in the studio after the tedious desk work was done, but this was not meant to be. When the cleaning person had made his way to my area, he stops and says hi and asks me how things are going. Then he begins to chatter on about the state of the world and all that. At first this is no big deal. I do this on occasion to coworkers but I normally take no more than 5 or 10 minutes and it’s never when they are overly busy. This man stood at my desk from 7:15pm to frikkin’ 8:40pm talking! Yes, I watched the clock. It was mostly him doing the talking as well as he wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise despite the fact that he was not a fast talker, and when I would begin to interject at a proper pause he would quickly interrupt me and talk over me (one of my pet peeves is interrupting me mid-sentence). Obviously not very good with conversations. I was already annoyed by 7:30pm, but I did not wish to be rude so I let him ramble on, all the while doing the “yeah…uh huh…yeah” thing. Occasionally I would try to indicate the fact that I needed to get back to my task or that I was really interested in this documentary that I was now missing, but he was oblivious. All I could think of was, “Don’t you have work to do? I know I do.” This old guy would just not shut up. Was also thinking, “You know if you were Mary, you would be out of here by now. That little old lady could move and talk at the same time.” Mary is the name of our regular cleaning lady and is usually in and out of the building after doing a thorough job in a mere 90 minutes. By 8:30pm I was almost ready to forget about good manners. While he was still yammering on, I turned to my computer to get it back out of screensaver mode for the third time and really looked at my computer as much as I didn’t want to. The guy was still there for another ten minutes! Like oh my god will you go away! 8:40pm rolls around and he finally decides to get back to work and I was able to get back to my work. Unfortunately, by the time I was done, I really had no time to muck about in the studio as I did not want to be staying too late and my vibe was interrupted anyways.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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