Sounds Fishy

I’ve recently been looking into changing my auto insurance. I’ve been with my current insurance company now for about 18 years or so and have always been pleased with their service. Problem is, my rates keep going up. I know it’s pretty much happening across the board in most states, but I should not be paying as much as I am. Right now I have the minimum amount of insurance allowed by Michigan law, which basically just allows me to own and operate a vehicle at this point, and I am paying almost as much per month now as I was nearly 14 years ago when I got full coverage on a brand new car. That’s not right, so need to let them go.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to figure out which company I should check out. I’ve been seeing an ad for awhile now for a place that gives free anonymous online quotes. Thing is, if you have to give them your information like name and actual address and phone number, it’s not really anonymous is it? They also have in fine print that by giving them your information you give them permission to give your information to third parties and also to have telemarketers call you even if your number is registered on the national do not call list. Excuse me, but no. I have enough problems with people calling at all hours as it is thank you very much nor do I want third parties having my information. That is one company I think I will stay away from.


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