Geese: Insanely Brave or Just Plain Stupid

Driving down a road near where I work, I nearly had a run in with a large Canadian goose. We get those here in huge flocks, sometimes so many that it makes a patch of land look like one big crawling mass of gray, black, and white. I’m barreling down the highway at 45 mph and this one lone goose decides it wants to cross the street right as I am coming down into its path. At 45 mph, I cannot just come to an abrupt stop. I get near but unlike other birds, it does not make an effort to get out of the way but instead keeps walking. Luckily nobody was coming the other way so I was able to swerve and barely miss it. This bird is big enough to do some damage to a little Pontiac Sunfire that already has some minor front end damage, so avoiding it would be a good thing. I would also never purposefully run over an animal. Ran over a dog once without choice and was bothered with grief the whole day. But you know, even passing that goose within mere inches of its beak did not shake that bird one bit. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the thing just moseying along across the road as if he was unaware that he just had a close brush with agonizingly painful death.


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