Not How it Works

People who do not know how things work should not be in charge. At work, I was copied on an email thread originally from a person in charge of one of the local hockey teams which I will not be naming here. In his email he had stated that his team actually made some playoffs and wanted to have his game aired on my station live tonight and their second game on Saturday. A bit short notice don’t you think? First problem, and the obvious, you cannot just expect a station to all of a sudden cancel their scheduled programs for an emergency broadcast of a game. Secondly, the game was being played in Canada so not sure how they expected to get the feed to us. They also got in trouble last season for recording the away games in Canada and broadcasting them here without permission. Third, they had no idea how to get the feed to us like they thought we aired games live by magic. And on top of that, we would not be able to update tv guide or our website so nobody would know to look for said games on out obscure little cable tv station that only subscribers to the cable company would know about (hell even some of our subscribers don’t even know we exist).

We told him that the only way to do it was if it was done by satellite and that we would not be picking up the cost for it. Satellite feeds are expensive. You have to rent the frequency as well as the device to transmit to the satellite which in most cases for sporting events comes from a mobile truck. He asked how much, but of course all providers are different so we gave him a rough amount of how much we usually shell out for some of the college games we air. Not sure how much a provider in Canada would cost. To my knowledge he never responded after that and nothing came of it.

The man is so clueless as to how television works. This is the same guy who expects me to give him a regular weekly time slot for his games that he never delivers because he doesn’t want to air games where his teams lose. Also, most people know that you do not cover a hockey game with less than four cameras and that your program needs an opening and close.


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