Fangirl Moment

Not sure how healthy it is to be proud of someone you will never meet in your life (not like I have anyone in my own life to be proud of), but I have to say I am proud of Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch. In just the past 3 months, 3 new projects have been announced on top of what is already listed on his IMDB page that is in the works. The 3 newest announcements are projects being produced by his production company, SunnyMarch. The man keeps busy and is awesome at what he does, truly a man worthy of admiration. You know I’m looking forward to seeing his next creation. He’s like the Energizer Bunny (if you’re too young to know the reference, look it up on youtube, popular ad campaign for Energizer batteries years ago). If life had gone the way I wanted, I could have been working with that man on something. He definitely keeps you watching and never disappoints. Always look forward to his works.


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