Back Again

Power has returned to my humble rented abode at some point on Saturday night after going off on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday nights I was able to muscle through the cold at home and deal with mopping the bathroom ceiling after my showers from the steam, but Friday night got way too cold and had to spend the weekend else-wheres. Luckily someone gave me an alternative to camping out at my office which I would seriously not want to do unless I was desperate anyways. I could have went to my sister’s as well, but her tiny house is already full of children, her husband, and my mom that I really didn’t want to add another body unless I had to. Besides, I don’t like imposing myself upon others if I can help it. Did end up losing the rest of my food but it wasn’t all that much anyway so nothing a trip to the grocery store and $30 couldn’t replace. So yeah, I’m back now. Hopefully find some interesting stuff to blog about again soon too as it seems I have hit a dry spell. Think some have forgotten I exist again the entries have been so sparse.


About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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