Momentarily Out of Action

Still around, just suffering a bit of a power outage here, which equates to no access to tech therefore no blogs and social media. I’m sure you all missed my rants or occasional fangirling. Decided to sneak on real quick while at work so nobody would think I’m finally dead. LOL. SHHH!

Power outages suck, especially in the winter. This past Wednesday, high winds whipped through southeastern Michigan knocking out power for a good portion of the area and for many of us, as of Friday, are still without power. It has been estimated that by Sunday, 90% of those affected should be back up and running. This would not be so bad for me if it were warmer but for now I layer on the clothes and blankets when I get home from work. So far the house temperature has not dipped below 55 degrees despite it being in the 30s outside, so I figure I can muscle through. I hate cold. Last night though I seriously contemplated spending the night at the office, had my overnight bag ready but decided it wasn’t bad enough yet to resort to such extreme. Tonight though, with outside temps expected to be in the low teens, I may think about it if power is not restored. What also sucks is the loss of food that was recently bought. Some of the freezer stuff should be safe but the items in the refrigerator will most likely need tossing. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.


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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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